Friday, September 26

Hopefully this troubleshooter won't end up all at sea...Academy's new Seahawk in the fle...plastic.

Academy’s 1/35th scale U.S. Navy MH-60S HSC-9 'Tridents' kit gets a preview today as Academy show us their first built up and painted kit. This is fast becoming an item of interest at TMN HQ – we thought you would like to see the pictures of the plastic and the real helicopter…

USN MH-60S "HSC-9 Tridents” Troubleshooter"
Product number: #12120
1:35th Scale
Type:  Full kit including Plastic sprues, Waterslide decals, Clear parts
This kit from Academy is based on the older Blackhawk series in 35th scale with an extra sprue runner to portray the navy’s newest MH-60S helicopter.

The United States Navy helicopter squadron “HSC-9.Tridents”operates this helicopter.  On July 1st 2009, the former Helicopter AntiSubmarine Squadron THREE ( HS-3 ) was redesignated Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron NINE (HSC-9) after transitioned to the MH-60S Seahawk.
We have some pictures of “610” from the Boxart choice – we will let you know when we get the kit a little more about it. If you look at these pictures of the completed model from Academy it doesn't look too bad at all..

The real thing ( AJ-610)  flying from the carrier USS George Bush

The MH-60S Seahawk helicopter is designed to perform vertical replenishment (VERTREP), combat search and rescue (CSAR), special warfare support and airborne mine countermeasures (AMCM) missions. Additionally, in its armed configuration, it can conduct anti-surface warfare (ASUW).
The MH-60S is based on the UH-60L and has many naval SH-60 features.[19] Unlike all other Navy H-60s, the MH-60S is not based on the original S-70B/SH-60B platform with its forward-mounted twin tail-gear and single starboard sliding cabin door. Instead, the S-model is a hybrid, featuring the main fuselage of the S-70A/UH-60, with large sliding doors on both sides of the cabin and a single aft-mounted tail wheel; and the engines, drivetrain and rotors of the S-70B/SH-60.
The kit is expected to “land” in October..

Until then keep on checking up the Academy Website for more news on their kits.