Tuesday, September 23

Panda's M-ATV updated with new plastic and CROWS? Workable Tunguska tracks, and more on the new Cougar as well...

To add to the Panda Hobby Oshkosh MRAP M-ATV in 35th scale which was updated and added to with the CROWS II set we have some more news from Panda Hobby of their new Cougar and some workable tracks for the Tunguska. Click on to see a little more update from Panda.

More News in September 2014 from Panda Hobby: 

Panda have announce a two updated and improved kits and a brand new one this month – we looked at the M-ATV with CROWS II yesterday – well we have some extra details for you today.
Firstly the workable tracks for the Tunguska armoured vehicle are out – we looked at the Tunguska when it was in test form and now it seems tracks have been released to make putting yours together even easier.. 
Well they certainly look flexible to us...and a lot easier to keep in one piece!

Cougar 4x4 MRAP
1/35th scale
Styrene + Photo Etched parts Vinyl tyres.
The Cougar ATV model is next – a new kit from Panda we had a small glimpse yesterday and only a little more today – some info on the box art –
MANUFACTURER: General Dynamics Land Systems
ENGINE: Caterpillar C7 diesel
ARMAMENT M240 7.62mm machine gun or M2 .50 cal machine gun
SEATING: 2 crew, 4 troops
TOP SPEED: 65 mph
RANGE: 420 mi 
The 4x4 model Cougar MRAP is a 3-door, diesel powered, 3-ton capacity 4-wheel drive Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle. The Cougar is equipped with an automatic transmission and in addition to the driver and co-driver, has seating for 4 additional passengers. Each seat is equipped with a 4-point safety harness. The vehicle is equipped with driver/co-driver doors, as well as double doors for the passenger compartment, and a single vehicle accessibility hatch on the roof.

A good dio idea?
The Cougar is equipped with dual A/C units (24,000/48,000 BTU/hour), is NBC overpressure and filter protected, and is equipped with a 9,000-pound capacity electrically powered winch. The unprepared fording depth is 39 inches, an approach angle of 40 degrees and a departure angle of 50 degrees. The Cougar is capable of travel both on and off road and is equipped with run-flat tire inserts. The Cougar-H is air transportable by the C-17.
Well that is all we have right now - We will keep you abreast of news this kit from Panda-Hobby in the future.

Previous News from Panda Hobby
New from Panda Hobby:
Panda-Hobby Models
Scale: 1/35th
Kit No: 35007
Kit type: Styrene parts + Photo etch & 5 Rubber Tyres
I will mention that this vehicle is the all in one new solution for the US and other armies around the world to the successfully improvised tactics used by insurgents that have pinpointed the Humvee (and other military lightly armoured vehicles) weak points. The MRAP which is made by the Oshkosh firm in the U.S. has a V-shaped Plasan armoured hull to absorb and deflect bomb (IED) blasts, run-flat tyres, armoured topsides, a four wheel steer system with an advanced suspension with sixteen inches of travel – The top turret can be fitted with all sorts of weapons and remotely operated from the cabin if need be.
In August 2007 KONGSBERG was awarded the prestigious contract of CROWS II (Commonly Remotely Operated Weapon Station) by the US Army. CROWS is a joint acquisition program for weapon stations for the US Army vehicle programs.
M153 PROTECTOR is based on the proven M151 PROTECTOR with more than 25 million hours of operation and more than 15 million hours in combat, and has extremely high reliability with a proven Operational Readiness Rate (ORR) of more than 99%.

Integrated Weapons & Missiles:
Qualified for the Browning M2 (12,7mm), MK19 (40 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher), M240 (7,62mm) and M249 (5,56mm). KONGSBERG continues to integrate additional weapons such as JAVELIN, MK47, MG3 and other standard NATO weapons.
- Gunner operates the PROTECTOR from within the safety of the vehicle’s hull
- Proven and in active service
- Fully Stabilized
- Automatic Tilt and Cant compensation
- Accurate, Reliable and Safe
- Interface with Recoil damper for various weapons
- Qualified for global operations
- Low Life Cycle Cost
- Flexible and modular
- Optimized for low weight
- Lock-on target
- Automatic Lead Angle Correction
- Classroom and embedded trainer available.
Operational Capability: (source KONGSBERG website)

 Here are the pictures of the kit with CROWS remote protection device and improved M-ATV kit - this is what we have so far...
Well that is all we have right now - We will keep you abreast of news this kit from Panda-Hobby in the future.