Friday, September 12

The griffon with two heads – The Two seater Grippen from Kittyhawk

 Slated for an October release the two seater Grippen from Kittyhawk is in the news today – we have some pictures of a built up example with all the info we could glean from instructions ans the boxart let’s have a look…

Kittyhawk announcement September 2014
Two- seat SAAB Jas 39 B/D
Kitty Hawk
Expected Release October 2014
Price TBC
Not content with their 48th scale single seat Grippen Kittyhawk are now giving us the twin seat (I always seem to revert to these) trainer/ strike aircraft that is due to be with us in October.
The JAS 39BDs are two-seat version of the 39A was used for training, specialised missions and type conversion. To fit the second crew member and life support systems, the internal cannon and an internal fuel tank were removed and the airframe lengthened 0.66 m (2 ft 2 in).
Seems as well we will be getting an extensive decal sheet with many of the Grippen users – Sweden (of course) as well as Hungary, Czech Republic, Brazil as well as South Africa and Thailand.. 

As well as Photo etched parts
Well is one of the schemes hinted at on the box art - a lovely Czech example as well as the single seater.
Nothing else on these kits as of yet – but as soon as we hear more from Kittyhawk we will flash it up here.