Thursday, October 23

Halleluiah! Bronco’s two new kits will answer some prayers..

Bronco helps us count our blessings with two new kit releases planned for release soon – a long awaited Russian big truck the early Zil 131 as well as some soldiers in need of a savior – all in today’s preview..

New kits in process from Bronco Models

Zil 131 Truck (early W/Winch)
1/35th scale
Made in conjunction with Skip Model this heavy Russian truck will no doubt be an improvement in detail on the Zvezda kit which was a little basic but do-able – this one looks a lot more detailed and features.
The ZIL-131 is a general purpose 3.5 tons 6×6 army truck designed in the Soviet Union, the basic model being a general cargo truck. Variants include a tractor-trailer truck, a dump truck, a fuel truck, and a 6×6 for towing a 4-wheeled powered trailer. The ZIL-131 also serves as a platform for the BM-51 “Prima” rocket launcher, a 50-tube variant of the BM-21 “Grad”.
The ZIL-131 is part of a family of two trucks sharing identical components by ZIL, which also included the ZIL-130. Both trucks were introduced in 1967. The ZIL-131 6×6 has the same equipment as the GAZ-66 and Ural-375D. Unlike the ZIL-131, the ZIL-130 is intended for civilian use. Until 1990 nearly 1 000 000 of these military trucks were built. Cab of this truck provides seating for driver plus two passengers.
The ZiL-131 is powered by a petrol engine, which develops 150 hp. Special construction of the engine allows you to use wide range of fuels (for example any kind of alcohol) especially those which quality is very poor Vehicle has a full-time all-wheel drive. ZIL-131 is fitted with the super-efficient central inflation system for all wheels. That means you can drive it having even up to 7 holes made by AK-47. It is also fitted with self-recovery winch.

“God’s Blessing
The kit contains six figures

This new figure set has six US servicemen and on preacher complete with robes and the bible in his hand as he conducts a service.
Preists were and still are employed by the army and in hard times they are often used as councilors as much as religious warriors and this preacher looks to be mid blessing.
The soldiers kneeling down receiving the blessing with either hands clenched or wrapped around their own “good book” as pretty well detailed for plastic figures. All slightly differently attired they and the priest would make for an interesting diorama.

They are out soon – we pray that they are as good as they look here when built up!

Check out Bronco’s site for more info