Friday, October 24

Masterbox’s nice new November novelties are near...

Although they have been low key recently Masterbox still continue to churn out new kits that will keep modellers at their desks through a long cold northern winter (or summer if you are on the other end) - three new kits for November release…

 Masterbox new products for November 2014

"The Price of War" European Civilian 1944-1945
Inc. Bicycle and Photo etched Parts
# 35176
SCALE: 1/35th 

The kit consists of 2 sprues and one plate with photo-etched parts. It builds to a model of an elderly European man that is trying to get out of territories destroyed by the war and into a safer place by means of the bicycle. This plastic kit and photo-etched parts allows for the assembling of a museum level, super detailed model of a civilian man’s bicycle.
The figure of the old man is well animated and the collection of different kind of bags, suitcases and other items lends to the tragic atmosphere of those days. The kit can be part of an independent mini-diorama or it can become the part of larger diorama done with other models and figures as well.

"Let's Stop Them Here!" German Military Men, 1945
6 Figures Set
SCALE: 1/35th
The kit consists of 6 figures of German Military Men during the last days of the WW II. The story of the kit is simple, but tragic in its way. The unit is preparing to protect a hopeless position. The soldiers of the unit are assembled in a hurry, not only from different units, but from different arms of the service.
Their objective is to detain the advance of the enemy by all means at least for a short while. Despite restrained poses the kit is quite emotional and the figures interact very well with each other.

"Move, Move, Move!!!" U.S. Soldiers, Operation Overlord Period, 1944
7 Figures Set
SCALE: 1:35
This kit consists of 2 sprues with parts to assemble 7 figures of WWII era US military men.
Five figures represent US soldiers moving by running under enemy fire. Two figures represent US machine-gunners firing and covering the fast movement of their comrades. Despite the relative simplicity of the story the kit looks rather dynamic and it renders drama of the fight well.
Masterbox would like to emphasize that the kit represents a mix of completely new figures (sprue A) added by a couple of machine-gunners from 3519 "U.S. Machine-gunners" kit (sprue B). The figures interact so well with each other that the kit can position itself as an absolutely new item.
These kits will be available through all of Masterbox’s distributors after November…