Thursday, October 2

Sherman was right! But your bench top war needn’t be hell with one of these…

Eduard have been releasing their upgrades with other companies mould recently  - and the inclusion of the very good Tasca /Asuka plastic of the 35th scale M4A1 Sherman to the mix of their decals and PE should be a good mix – let’s have a look..
 Preview: Eduard's new 35th scale M4A1 Sherman ProfiPACK

ProfiPACK Edition scale kit of M4A1 Sherman
1/35th scale.
Tasca/Asuka plastic parts
No. of decal options: 4
Decals made by Eduard
PE parts
Full colour instructions – here is the link
You can get these from Eduard directly or their Distributors worldwide
SO with the recent King tiger bring released with some discussion the latest offering from Eduard in the 35th armour department using another company’s plastic is a welcome surprise.
The recently renamed Tasca to the Asuka brand have great Shermans – they are known to be the “bee’s knees” of this kit in 35th scale. Eduard have already made a photo etched set to complement their line. New fenders, grilles and straps along with other things to bring the tank up to sharp end of what we expect with modern kits.
The second thing Eduard have offered are their own decals printed for the kit. Four variations of Sherman in different colours are included.
The plastic s the well-known Tasca/ Asuka plastic. This is a great kit – one piece tracks may or may not be to your tastes but they are an easy option. This is the only thing we think people will not be sure of – but you can always make your own choice there.

 Clear parts for telescope vision ports
 Poly caps for working tracks
 And the simple tracks - lover em or not? we will see!
The tank is available now from Eduard’s Webstore and I am sure I your local hobbyshop very soon.