Monday, November 17

Academy’s new warriors come from the sea to wreak havoc on your modelling bench…

The two latest kits from Academy have just emerged from their ocean carriers to strike out at their plastic competition - so we thought threat we would show you a little more of their new F-18D Hornet in 32nd and their new 35th scale M10 "Early" Tank destroyer

New kits from Academy this December 2014

            USMC F/A-18D 'VMFA(AW)-242 BATS'
1/32nd scale
Decals for three aircraft printed by Cartograf
Metal landing gear included
This new kit from Academy builds on the success of their large scale F-18 “Legacy” hornet with a fair few extras in the box. The featured artwork is of the F-18D twin seater from 'VMFA (AW)-242 BATS'
Promised in this box are a bunch of improvements in the plastic – we are not sure if “Solid Vinyl tyres” are an improvement or not – but we will see later. The three figures included represent your pilot accessing his ladder or choice of other pilot strapped I ready to go, your crew chief and the “shooter” on the deck waving the pilot off. I hope the guy on the ladder is holding on! (there are actually two pilots in the cockpit included plus the climbing figure so you needn’t worry about that.)

There are three marking choices for this kit straight out of the box.
The cockpit can be posed open or closed and the kit features engraved panel lines and rivet detail. You can also pose the radardome open or closed as well with this kit boxing

1/35th scale
PE sheet included
Decals for eight M-10’s printed by Cartograf.
This newest M-10 Tank Destroyer from Academy follows a long line of kits of this type. Hopefully this offering brings more to the table. It certainly looks good from the box art!
The model depicted in this boxing is somewhat new tooled – the Early model is in the spotlight so Academy have used new tooled upper hull and turret parts as well as a new transmission cover.
Tools are included for the exterior while the interior is also pretty well detailed from what we can see here.
There are eight different M-10’s available from this one boxing to choose from. Cartograf have printed the decals so they are the best in the biz and the variety on hand means that surely you will find something to suit your preference?
Here are two of the choices on hand.. 
Both of these kits are due for release now – I would expect to see them in your LHS in December.