Friday, November 21

Barracuda Studios new items for November 2014 now available from their web-store...

Roy from Barracuda Studios has returned from Telford IPMS show on fire - he has made sure you can get all of his new products straight after the show and they are now on his website - 72nd and 48th scale goodies as well as all new parts for your 24th scale Tiffie and a very "good" looking pilot figure - read on to see what's now available from Barracuda.
Barracuda Studios now on sale...
Barracuda Studios is back from Scale Model World 2014 in Telford, England with all of their new sets ready to ship from their website at this link - we thought we would preview all of their new stuff in one place.

Barracuda Studios new resin in November

Typhoon Late Style Mainwheels
1/24th scale
Price: $11.95

These new resin mainwheels replace the kit wheels. These new wheels feature more and crisper hub detail, as well as full tire beading, logos and data on the tyre sidewalls. There one piece castings avoid fit problems of multi-part wheels; a simple and quick upgrade for your large scale Tiffie. Late style wheels were fitted to all Bubbletop Typhoons and all but early production Cardoor Tiffies. 

Typhoon Carburettor Intake Ring
1/24th scale
Price: $5.95

This new resin intake ring directly replaces the kit part, which is well done, but has incorrect spacing between the intake tube and the outer ring due to mould tooling limitations. Our ring is properly proportioned, as well as being thinner and more scale looking. A drop fit installation that will make a nice difference in the finished model. Pattern by Kerry Carlyle. 

Hawker Typhoon Pilot
1/24th scale
Sculpted by Mike good
Price: $24.95

Beautifully realized by respected sculptor Mike Good, and representing a mid to late war RAF fighter or fighter-bomber pilot, this new figure is a perfect for the new Airfix 24th scale Typhoon Mk Ib. Will also work for the Mosquito or later Mark Spitfires as well.

Blenheim Intake and Exhaust set
1/72nd scale
This set consists of accurate and detailed standard and desert carburettor intakes, ram air oil cooler intakes, exhaust stacks, fuel dumps and venturi, all of which are hollowed out. Designed as a drop fit replacement for the Airfix Blenheim Mk I and IV kit parts.  Will also work for other kits of all marks.

Bristol Blenheim Mainwheels
1/72nd scale
Accurate, detailed resin mainwheels replace undersized kit parts for the new 1/72 Airfix Blenheim Mk I and IV. These wheels were designed from photos and dimensions taken off surviving mainwheels and include raised logos on both sides. All 1/72 Blenheim kit wheels are both too small and completely wrong in proportion and detail. 
This simple upgrade will make short work of this problem.  Will also work on other kits of all marks.

BAC Lightning Landing Gear Upgrade
1/72nd scale
This set contains a pair of detailed mainwheels with accurate tread and tire data and a new separate nosewheel with a highly detailed nosegear leg to replace the simple one piece part in the Airfix Lightning kits. A simple and easy upgrade.

BAC Lightning Exhaust Nozzles
1/72nd scale
Set consists of a pair of accurate exhaust nozzles with detailed afterburner petals inside and out. A simple and quick upgrade that directly replaces the kit parts.

Martin Baker Mk 4 Lightning Ejection seat 
(Images pending)
1/72nd scale
This set contains a pair of very detailed Mk 4 BSA ejection seats, complete with crisply moulded in seat and parachute harness. This may well be the most accurate and detailed 72nd Mk 4 seat. The Mk 4 was fitted to a large number of aircraft, including Mirage, Canberra, late Hunters, Sea Venom, Sea Vixen, Scimitar, Strikemaster, Provost and others.

These items are now available from the Barracuda Studios website so you can get cracking with your much delayed model now!