Wednesday, November 5

Eduard’s New 1/48th scale SSW D. III turns some heads as it makes it’s Debut..

Eduard has an all new tool Siemens Schuckert Werke [S.S.W.] D.III fighter that is now available and as the people at Eduard have built one up for you to see we thought we would give you a preview including the marking options and sprues as well..
Eduard's ProfiPACK Edition scale kit of SSW D.III
48th scale.
Eduard sprues – new tooling
Coloured PE parts: yes,
Painting mask: yes
Full colour instructions
No. of decal options: 5
Decals: printed by Cartograf
The Siemens Schuckert Werke [S.S.W.] D.III fighter is Eduard’s all new tool model highlighting some of the most beautiful aircraft of the WWI era. This aircraft was made by Siemens-Schuckert which started its series of biplanes with copies of the French Nieuport types in 1916 and 17, before making their own designs.

The SSW D.III (introduced in 1918) was regarded as perhaps the best German fighter plane. It featured a highly innovative bi-rotary engine and had good top speed and an excellent rate of climb. Note the four-bladed propeller which was standard on the D.III.
Unfortunately the D.III suffered from shortages in spare parts and especially castor oil for the engines, which shortened the life-span of the rotaries dramatically. It wasn't built in large numbers and despite its likely even higher performance it stayed in the shadow of the famous Fokker D.VII.
Included in the box - two simple but detailed sprues
Coloured PE
And decals printed by Cartograf
 including the Lozenge for the wings
Marking options:
SSW D.III, Jasta 4, Ltn. Ernst Udet, Metz, October 3, 1918
SSW D.III 1618/18, Jasta 85 (Kest 5), Ltn. Heinrich Dembowsky, Schaffenhausen, November 13, 1918
SSW D.III, Jasta 15, Chery-les-Pouilly, July, 1918
SSW D.III 1626/18, Kest 4b, Vzfw. Reimann, September, 1918
SSW D.III 3025/18, Trier, December, 1918 to January 1919
And here is the built up exampe from Eduard of the SSW D.III 1618/18, Jasta 85 (Kest 5), Ltn. Heinrich Dembowsky, Schaffenhausen, November 13, 1918
And in closer detail..
This fine looking little kit is now available in Eduard’s On Line shop and your local Hobby store..