Wednesday, November 26

Nothing drab about these G.I.'s dressed in Olive from Alpine Miniatures...

Well it only seems a little while since Alpine Miniature’s last lot of items – but now we see even more on the horizon from Taesung with so much requested Allied soldiers in shock, respect or wonderment - your choice... read on to see what we mean.

Alpine Miniatures December 2014 new Items in 35th scale

35186 WW2 US Infantry Set
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms / Boxart by Man-Jin Kim
This cold weather set from alpine see us in the European theatre in the post D-Day scenario so lots of scope for these G.I.’s in a bulge or any other winter scenario. They are both alike but different in clothing as all of Alpine’s releases seem to be – smart thinking. Sculpted by the boss Taesung Harmms and painted here by our other modelling inspiration Man-Jin Kim these two just seem to fit together so well.

35184 WW2 US Infantry NCO
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms / Boxart by Man-Jin Kim
This “surly Sarge” is seen cradling his tommy gun in his right hand and a cigarette in the left – maybe he is looking onto a horrific or bewildering scene? This is what his face is suggesting in this picture. Both the sculptor and the box artist have captured him the look of despair pretty accurately... 
As well as his tommy gun he has the colt.45 holster with pistol on his right cord belt and ammo for both the Thompson and pistol of course and a water bottle and a small medical pack on his rear. 
His fatigue pants are bloused into his laced up army boots and on his chest he wears a shirt with a warm tuned up collar of the WWII US Army Uniform Winter Combat Jacket that was not only popular with US Infantrymen but tankers and aircrew alike. He has thick warm gloves on also to keep out the cold.
Two head choices are given in this boxing – both with the same face but the M1 helmet wears mesh on one of the choices and a bare steel look with the other head. The face here speaks volumes and I impressed with how much of an expression this soldier carries.

35185 WW2 US Infantry
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms / Boxart by Man-Jin Kim
This regular G.I. Is seen – a little like the Sergeant but maybe a little more awe-struck, looking on to what has unfolded in the scene in front of him. Like the Sarge he is also sold as a single figure or as a set of two and like the Sarge again he has the same sculptor and box artist – these guys have a lot in common.
Common to both of them as well is the choice of two heads with the same face. Again the mesh netted and plain steel M1 helmet is offered as a choice, this one is being tipped, almost uncomfortably by the GI as he looks on. You could even have him as offering a salute or maybe just tipping his hat in the old fashioned way. The look on his face suggests that he us looking up at a scene so it is your choice really. You paint the picture in this one with your diorama - and he is the audience. This soldier does look as overawed as his comrade but maybe a little more respectful? Creatively you could do a lot with these figures in a myriad of scenarios from death and carnage to wonderment to respect. They are skilfully conceived and executed. 
This soldier’s pants are tucked into galoshes over his laced up boots and the soldier wears a thick pair of trousers under a cloth belt which is fitted with spare ammunition for his M1 Garand rifle (as well as a double cloth bandoleer or ammo just in case! He has an entrenching shovel for digging in and a medico pouch on his front with a water bottle on his right rear hip.
Both of these figures and this set are now available through Alpine Miniature's Distributors.