Sunday, December 21

20 years of "The Hunter" makes this a very good time for a sculpt from Luis Ariel Bernachea

Anyone not knowing the story of Cazador (The Hunter) might want to listen up! This immortal 500 year old brute has been portrayed in his own comic series for the last 20 years – and to mark this anniversary Luis Ariel Bernachea has made a cool new sculpt to tempt you...

Luis Ariel Bernachea is a self-taught artist, living in Bariloche in Patagonia Argentina he is an art enthusiast and a great believer in the whole creative process that inspires his imagination.  His inquisitive nature leads Luis to constantly seek new ways to express himself, and that is what brought him into the world of figure sculpture about three years ago.
Luis’ latest work to date is if the sculpture for 20 year anniversary – called “Cazador” or “The Hunter.”
Cazador is an Argentine comic that was first published in 1992. The action follows the travels of The Hunter during different time periods over the last five hundred years. It is famous for initiating a new age of adult comics in Argentina. It was written and drawn by Ariel Olivetti, Jorge Lucas, Mauro Cascioli and Claudio Ramirez. The comic had three editions. Volume one (1992-1999), Volume two (2000-2001) & Volume three (2010-the current day)
The origin of the character was revealed in a flashback: His grandfather had been a soldier in Vlad Tepes's service. His father had been a conquistador who came to America and sired him with a native girl whose tribe had cannibalistic tendencies. Finally, the man who'd come to be known as El Cazador de Aventuras became a wanted criminal in America during the times of the Spanish conquest. He formed a band of outlaws and massacred many native villages thus obtaining food. One of his favourite pastimes was to torture natives branding them with red hot irons on their foreheads. The brand was a Christian cross. He claimed to be doing God's work that way. 
One of the natives claimed he knew where a great mountain of precious metal was and promised to take them in exchange for his life. Believing it to be the famous legend of El Dorado, Cazador and his men followed their guide only to fall into a trap. Cazador was captured and branded with his own symbol inverted on the forehead. Demons were introduced in his body and he became essentially immortal. After his ordeal, he went insane, killed his own men and devoured them. 
Almost 500 years later, he lives in an abandoned church, uses the inverted cross as his symbol, and has become an unstoppable serial killer. Despite this, he has some friends like the bizarre Italian-American mobster called Tío Pastafrola.

The new figure from Luis Ariel Bernachea
Cazador – “The Hunter”
20th anniversary figure.
Cast in polyurethane resin
The figure is made up of six parts
The cost of the model kit is 55 USD + P&P
Luis made this miniature from wax to prepare the shape and it took a month to complete the whole process. Once he finished fine tuning it he went on to use silicone moulds to make the limited edition of 100 units.
For those wanting to know more about Luis’ work look him up on Facebook as well: