Thursday, December 11

Hasegawa’s new items for February 2015 are already to preview…

Hasegawa’s new items for the New Year are already upon us and we have gleaned some information from their site as to what is on the horizon already for February of 2015. Some nice models in this lot!

Hasegawa’s new items February 2015

F-15J Eagle "203SQ 50 Anniversary Special paint"
1/72nd Scale
Base price ... 3200
Number of parts ... 138
Length ... 267mm
Full width ... 179mm 
The kit a special pint scheme that has been unveiled at the 203rd Squadrons So-tai 50th anniversary ceremony that took place in July 2014!  The dark blue tones, and the character of the "50th ANNIVERSARY" in the vertical tail, has been drawn tail silhouette of F-104J are primary use machine.
Decal choice
Japan Air Self-Defence Force second Wing No. 203 Squadron troops 50th Anniversary paint machine "847" (Chitose Air Base: July 2014)

A-10C Thunderbolt II "184FS Flying Leather Bucks"
1/72nd Scale
Base price ... 2400 yen
Number of parts ... 126
Model overall length ... 225mm
Model full width ... 242mm 
This 184st FS squadron machine is referred to as the troops mark the “Warthog” and kit the aircraft decals are the modern version of nose art depicting a boar's head on the nose whilst the “Black Snakes” has a viper’s head on the business end.
Decal choices
Arkansas Air Force 188th Fighter Wing # 184 fighter squadron "Flying Leather Bucks" belongs machine "FS188FW"
# 163 fighter squadron "Black Snakes" belongs machine "IN661"

Kawasaki T-4 "Air Self-Defense Force 60th Anniversary Special" (two aircraft set)
1/72nd scale
Base price ... 3400 yen
Number of parts ... 66
Model the full-length ... 181mm
Model full width ... 138mm
This set represents two aircraft from the recent "air Festa Hamamatsu 2014" which was held on September as a Memorial to the Air Self-Defense Force’s 60th anniversary kit of a special coating machine!
The first aircraft is the 31st education Squadron "778" to the blue tones, it will be the first 32 education Squadron 2 aircraft set of "612", which tones and red. Because it is the design of a matching is adopted for two aircraft, you get two aircraft in one model box.
Japan Air Self-Defense Force first Wing 31 education Squadron Air Self-Defense Force 60th Anniversary paint machine "778" (Hamamatsu base: September 2014)
Japan Air Self-Defense Force first Wing 32nd education Squadron Air Self-Defense Force 60th Anniversary paint machine "612" (Hamamatsu base: September 2014)

Junkers Ju88C-6 "Hunter Killer"
1/72nd scale
Base price ... 3400 yen
Number of parts ... 137
Model overall length ... 203mm
Model full width ... 279mm
C-6 type is heavy destroyer type made ​​from the A-4 type the airframe.  "F8 + HX" is subjected to naval camouflage, is the aircraft that is operated as a hunter killer in the Bay of Biscay. The hunter killer, U- boat escorted, it is mission to harass and destroy the United Kingdom antisubmarine patrol aircrafts coming attacks.
Decal Choices
40th bombing Wing 13th Squadron affiliation machine "F8 + HX", "F8 + IX" (France 1942-43 years)
40th bombing Wing 14th Squadron affiliation machine "F8-LY" (France 1943)
Extra parts:
Comes with actual Reference by Kunie Takao German machine researcher

Mitsubishi F1M2 Mitsubishi F1M 11-inch "# 934 Air Corps"
1:48th scale
Base price ... 3200 yen
Number of parts ... 124
Model overall length ... 198mm
Model full width ... 229mm
This floatplane in 48th scale served in the vicinity of Ambon Island, located in eastern Indonesia, and reproduces the # 934 Naval Air Corps machine. The planes in this unit are not only anti-submarine patrol, were also attackers and bombers in the naval airforce of Japan in WWII.
(This aircraft kit is based on the material of the large Japanese painting published novel "Nanhai sea eagle us")
Decal choices
# 934 Naval Air Corps machine "34-001" (Ambon Island: March 1944)
Bonus decal: "34-002"
# 934 Naval Air Corps machine "34-001" (Ambon Island: March 1944)
Bonus decal: "34-002"

Focke-Wulf Fw190A-8 / R11 "Wilde Sau"
1:48th scale
Base price ... 3800 yen
Number of parts ... 98
Model length ... 190mm
Model full width ... 221mm 
Add the metal parts & metal wire, and reproduce the Fw190A-8 / R11 is a night fighter type.
This unit is the type that has been developed for the purpose of intercepting the fast flying Mosquito night fighter type of the British Air Force, equipped with a radar antenna for FuG218J3 Neputun radar on the wing leading edge. Also an anti-glare fin in the exhaust pipe upper part, characterized by being equipped with anti-inflammatory device to the fuselage 13mm machine gun.
Decal choices
10th night fighter squadron first squadron Gunther Migge Sergeant Major power machine "white 9" (Germany: 1944)
10th night fighter squadron first company affiliation machine "white 14" (Germany: 1944)
Extra Metal parts
FuG218J3 radar antenna
Anti-glare fin
Anti-inflammatory instrument parts for fuselage machine gun
Radar antenna tip dipole (metal wire parts)

All these aircraft will be available in February (hopefully) from Hasegawa’s Distributors..