Monday, December 8

Mig has just shed light on his water release.…

Latest in the line from Mig’s AMMO brand is two new publications – dealing with some elements often not thought of in weathering and making dioramas. The Weathering Magazine #10 features all sorts of water whilst their new book on Light and the modulation on modules sheds some light on this subject as well..

 AMMO's Two new Publications available now...

The Weathering Magazine
Issue 10 Water
64 pages
Available in seven languages
A4 Portrait format
Available from the AMMO site directly

Mig’s Ammo Brand’s new revista – “The Weathering Magazine” has already reached issue no 10 can you believe it? He has gathered a bunch of great modellers and their artworks to show you his “Water” issue… 
This issue is dedicated to water and moisture. The best modellers in the world will offer a repertoire of exceptional examples and they explain with detailed step by step process, all the newest tricks and techniques to get your models represent similar conditions. From ships at offshore to tanks out of the water or crossing rivers, seaplanes, standing water, streams and much more.
TWM is a collectible magazine, 64 pages, printed on high quality glossy paper and full of useful items for any field of model. Available in 7 different languages and most importantly this issue is now available.

Modulation and Light Techniques
Reference: A.MIG-6006
106 pages
A4 Softcover portrait format
Available from the AMMO site directly
This book explains in depth in an educational and visually easy to follow format, how to apply various light effects on your models, including the famous modulation technique. Through its 106 pages, hundreds of photos and numerous diagrams show how to obtain more from your models and give them more life and personality. To do this the authors Javier Soler and Mig Jimenez explain 4 different ways of painting lighting effects on our models: color modulation, zenithal light, spot light, and illumination by panels.
Both of these publications are now available directly from the AMMO Website