Thursday, December 25

Preview – The latest firepower and horsepower from Riich Model

Riich model has two new kits out for we think a January 2015 release – these provide us with the US army copying foreign things and renaming them and the Germans going back to the future in their quest for four wheeled domination of the two horsepower auto market – let’s have a look..

Riich Model January 2015 Release

HF.7 Stahlfeldwagen
(German Horse drawn Wagon  + 2 figures)
1/35th scale
7 sprues injection moulded plastic
4 vinyl tyres
Chain & thread
1 sheet of photo etched brass.
Sophistication meets tradition with the latest German luxury vehicle from the Riich Models stable (Literally) as they kit the much used but little seen German HF.7 Stahlfeldwagen or German Horse drawn Wagon  which includes of course the two figures and two nags to pull it (I mean provide the horsepower) 
The sprues…
 And the horsies of course!
Handy inclusions of chain and thread as well as photo etched brass for the finer accouterments..
And here it is all made up together…
Included in this set are Red Cross markings plus 4 markings included on the decal sheet for various horse/carts in WWII including decals for the German soldier’s uniforms.

U.S. M1 57mm Anti-Tank gun (early)
 (On M1A3 Carriage + 5 figures)
1/35th scale
8 sprues injection moulded plastic
+ 1 sheet of photo etched brass.
Some model features in the highlights reel…
The British 57 mm gun was adopted by the United States Army as their primary anti-tank gun under the designation 57 mm Gun M1. It was first used in North Africa in April 1942, and quickly replaced the 2 pounder in the anti-tank role, allowing the 25 pounder to revert to its intended artillery role.
This kit also includes the M1A3 (1943) carriage with a modified towing hook – it was the first version to be adopted by the U.S. Army

The sprues…..
and of course the five crew men to work the gun are here as well..
And the PE for tiny details to round it off..
And here they are all together
These two useful kits will be out in January 2015 and available from Riich Model Distributors worldwide