Wednesday, January 14

Stalingrad takes a brief break on the eastern front with their newest set of figures...

Alexander from Stalingrad Miniatures has sent us the latest set of figures from his 1/35th scale stable. This set depicts a crew of a German SPG having a break from the fighting, a chat and I bite to eat (and maybe a Vodka as well?) Let’s have a look at the preview images…

January 2015 new figures from Stalingrad Miniatures
There are five new single figure releases in this set from Stalingrad miniatures – then also you can combine them into a slightly lesser cost if you get the whole set. The pictures show these soldiers having a well-earned break eating and drinking during a lull in the action. We think somewhere on the eastern front…

# 3091 - German AFV crewman 
This well-meaning young crewman (looks like a gunner or loader because of his gloves) is seen with his tool box in hand – either he is just about to fix something or he just has – he is seen looking on to his comrades.
Here he is unpainted
He stands in a fairly neutral pose with protective grey panzer artillery uniform with large boots and the toolbox in his hand which is the scissor opening type – it looks pretty good.

# 3092 - German AFV crewman 
This artillery tanker is seen getting into the “spirit” as he pours himself a drink. He has the panzer wrap black tunic on over his grey uniform as he gets ready to imbibe while not having to drive..

Here he is unpainted 
With his peaked service cap he is seen here joining in (or maybe kicking the celebration off?) whilst offering drinks.

# 3093 - German AFV crewman
Offering up his opinion or maybe a sandwich? This Artillery tanker is seen in an early style cap and grey tunic over his black panzerwrap.

Here he is unpainted
Sitting down and offering up his hand he could be used in many different ways as he offers up his hand in a naturalistic gesture. I like the way he is gesturing to his comrades.

# 3094 - German AFV crewman 
This young tanker is seen in a pose lifting his hand up in “Prost” gesture to his mates as he is about to take a sip..

Here he is unpainted
His long baggy overalls are a good feature of this figure as well as his open lowered hand while he offers a cheers – it is another nice naturalistic pose again.

# 3095 - German AFV crewman 
Seen looking on rather uncomfortably or maybe casually? This tanker artillery man has his hands in his pockets as he leans slightly forward to hear and see the merry making going on.

Here he is unpainted
Again the baggy clothing on this solider is displayed to good effect as his hands in his pockets pull at the pants leaving wrinkles in his thick clothing – very nice indeed

# 3090 - German AFV crewmen, big set
Thi set was inspired by several pictures of German soldiers and tank men on a break – eating or celebrating and drinking. These pictures are a good reference point for the sculptor Alexander to start from..
Here they are unpainted
All of these five figures combine into a quite naturalistic scene of common SPG crews on the end of a hard fight having a well-earned break –Seeing they are eating food probably from Russia it seems proper to say Na zdoróvye!

More photos of these figures and the dealers worldwide can be found on the Stalingrad site: