Friday, February 13

Five new items from Verlinden to bring some light into your life..

Verlinden’s February items are power packed and illuminating, maybe they can be loaded into your shopping cart and fuel your desire for illumination = Verlinden’s February 2015 new item preview…

Verlinden February 2015 all-New items

This early model MJ-1A is used still today to load and unload payloads from USAF and many other services’ aircraft – this diesel engine driven mini lifting device is a pretty standard issued device on all modern airfields so it is well at home in most airfield dioramas. 
The loader unpainted showing the resin and wire parts.
and all painted up..
It is a great addition to Verlinden’s US Airforce items in this scale.

This large tank could be used for many a vessel but as it is titled “Water/ Fuel” tank let’s say that that is what it is. Useful for many different scenarios from WWII to modern times this tank is cast in resin and suitable of both 1/35th military and at a push 1/32nd aircraft stuff as the slight difference in size is not really noticeable and the need for more 32nd aircraft accessories is paramount.

To add to the earlier power poles from Verlinden comes this set of two poles to include in your 35th scale diorama. Both are made from cream resin but have the look of pitted concrete which will very much suit a Middle East modern warfare diorama or a European countryside piece. Bird poo is not included!

A single light is shown here but he cream resin set includes two streetlamps. This light could well do a 1960’s era and beyond streetlight and it does suit the telegraph and street power utilities set already launched from Verlinden.

To match the earlier #2806 Afrika Korps Officer in the 1:16 Scale 120mm scale – this cream resin figure is seen in full tropical gear including long pants and tunic in cotton drill with a neckerchief to keep the sand out and a tropical peaked cap. Armed with an Mp-40 submachine gun and a full load of ammo the Iron cross bearer is on the lookout for water it seems…

All of these products are now available on the Verlinden website at the links above..

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