Wednesday, February 25

Masterbox’s three new kits are full of human drama

Masterbox is keeping up with their release schedule – three new kits of varied types make up their March new items which will tempt a few model builders and stash collectors. These three have a lot of emotion in them – let’s take a look shall we…

Masterbox new products for March 2015

"Man Down! US Modern Army, Middle East, Present day"
The kit is for the modern period and it depicts the actions of a unit of the US Army in a flash point in the Middle East or Afghanistan. The figures in the kit are combined in a single story; during a patrol one of the mobility elements of the US Army was fired upon by terrorist snipers. As a result, one of the fighters was wounded. His comrades react instantly: one of the soldiers administers emergency first aid to the wounded man, one requests evacuation whilst the machine gunner returns fire.
The kit consists of 4 figures showing soldiers of the US Army who are patrolling. Each figure is equipped with a large quantity of various ammunition that adds a very authentic and original look to the figures.
This kit can be used almost with almost any model of modern equipment released by various manufacturers. They can be used either altogether as a ready story for a diorama, or separately, at modeller’s discretion. The figures are distinguished by a very high level of artistic fulfillment, are well animated and interact very well with each other.

"We are lucky! Modern UK Infantrymen, Present Day"
The kit consists of one plastic sprue with parts allowing for the assembly of 5 figures of UK Army Military Men who are on a mission in of one of the countries of the Middle East. The story of the kit shows the crew of a British army vehicle during a raid that meets two UK Infantrymen returning from their task.
The figures of the kit are well animated, interact well with each other and can be used with almost any model of modern wheeled equipment released by various manufacturers.
The kit can be used both for creating a mini-diorama based on the offered story or for creating a diorama of any size or configuration at modeller’s discretion.

"Volkssturm. Ammunition to the Frontline"
The kit consists of two plastic sprues and one photo-etched parts sprue. These two young “warriors” pull a bicycle trailer loaded with military ammunition, the two figures in question are a teenage boy and girl who are pulling the bicycle trailer.
The story of the kit is simple but tragic and is emotionally filled in its own way. The events of the last days of the Third Reich are shown. Military operations were being conducted in German territory and the units of Volkssturm took an active part in the protection of the country. Two such young Volkssturm members are pulling weapons and ammunition to an advanced position, so that their unit can protect the hopeless position. Despite the restrained poses, the kit shows quite a bit of emotion.
The figures interact well with each other and can be used either for creating a mini-diorama with the parts offered, or creating a larger story with the use of models, equipment and accessories of other manufacturers.

The model of the bicycle trailer highly corresponds to the original in accuracy. The availability of the photo etched parts allows the creation this model at museum level.

These kits will be available through all of Masterbox’s distributors by next month…