Sunday, February 15

The new HK Mosquito..Gary does a dry fit on his test kit's 'pit.

In the quest to build the new Hong Kong Models 1/32nd scale Mosquito and receiving a test kit to do just that, Gary is still not 100% sure on his choice of final markings and indeed the test mossie being almost but not the final release. Until we get the parts to keep going Gary thought he would get together a few pictures of the dry-fit of the cockpit and cabin so far to show you some first impressions from this kit..

HK Models 1/32nd scale Mosquito Mk. IV

The kit that Gary is making is very close to the final production kit. We will be adding the final parts when they are available. Although the model has impressed us with the single part wing and the two part conical fuselage is this simplicity of external construction made it more difficult to make a good cockpit for the model makers? Let's have a look...

Let’s start with the cockpit. There is some good detail there. Gary has taken time to show us just what the cockpit looks like together..

Certainly so far the cockpit goers together easily, the relatively few number of parts leaves the average modeller who want to build kits with quite a simple construction and a fast build, while at the same time the fastidious modeller with a little super detailing and plasticard additions to seal some parts up from behind and to finish off some bits that are missing in detail. It will always be hard for an injection moulding company to give the same detail as an aftermarket company might be able to spend time and resources on.

The 'pit inside the aircraft sidewalls
Cockpit wiring, looms and maybe a little bit of detailing will be required in the finished product
 The canopy and frame in place - the clear parts go over the grey frame..
This is what we have noticed so far – and please do remember that this isn’t the final release kit and there are several parts that still need to be added to the cockpit before "take-off". There are many miles to go before we see the retail product. We will keep on test fitting parts to show you as the weeks go on…

You will be able to purchase this kit soon from HK Model’s distributors Worldwide