Friday, March 20

All new and re-scaled latest March items from Verlinden

Verlinden's newest items for March are all pretty good items to include in your arsenal or maybe- just maybe - into the scene you are building right now? Let's take a look at them in our preview...

Verlinden March 2015 all-New items

U.S. WWII Water Trailer
1:35th scale
This “Gungha-din” of a water trailer is seen made up from several parts of cream resin what form both the trailer and the water tank on a pair of truck wheels. This water tank looks a little like it can be moulded open which opens up a few more options of the tank being used in the dio.

Traffic Lights Useful Stuff
1:35th scale
Following on from the Utility power poles, lighting and telegraph poles Verlinden released recently these two traffic lights in 35th scale will fit right into your street scene. These are made from clear resin and plastic pole and there is an extra set of smaller portable lights you could mount on a temporary position on a pole or wall in a tight alley.

City House Ruin
1:35th scale
This European destroyed house will fit either a European or maybe the scene of a colonial building from the turn of the century in the rest of the world. The nicely decorated fascia hints at maybe an Italian or older style of building that was once probably quite grand. The different textures of the wall are an interesting point of this tall ruined building.

U.S.A.F. Bomb loader MJ-1B (Late)
1:32nd scale
This latter model of this bomb loader is made from very much the same method of the early model bomb loader also by Verlinden. This one is suitable with the more modern inventory of aircraft so you could have your modern 32nd scale aircraft right back to Vietnam planes using this little lifter.

USAF Bomb Trailer
1:48th scale
1/48th gets a run with this month’s releases as well. Verlinden’s ammo cart has been shrunk to fit your favourite 48th scale dio. Coming cast in cream resin this trailer and two “Mk.82 Snake Eye” bombs. This will suit both Air forces from all round the world as well as on a US Navy deck. This is a neat little set that many people will like to add to their collections and maybe even their dioramas!

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