Tuesday, March 24

Preview: 51 Studio’s new 1/16th SS Soldier and Otto Carius bust.

We take a look to see if new figure maker 51 Studio’s 1/16th figure of an SS Infantryman and a bust of Otto Carius is a good representation or not…

51 Studio is a new figure company that has two new figures already on the market. They have just released another two – a Bust of Otto Carius in 1/10th scale and a 16th scale full figure of an SS soldier in the Ardennes in 1944.

“Waffen SS Infantryman Ardennes”
1/16th scale
Sculpted by: Jeremy Wong.
Boxart by: Jessica Lee.
Limited edition of 600.
This 16th scale trooper is seen looking like he might have come from the famous footage of the SS soldiers in the “Lucky Strike” propaganda film where Germans are seen by the road investigating knocked out greyhound tanks.
This man is seen in full winter wear with two head choices, wrapped clothing in layers and very thick woolen gloves on his hands.
This guy isn’t sure whether to use his Kar.98 rifle or his Panzerschrek which he also carries. He also has a stick grenade in his belt with extra ammo for his rifle – just in case.
On the read of the figure you can see the entrenching tool, flask and bread bag on his webbing and belt arrangement which is pinching the clothing nicely to make a baggy appearance.

Otto Carius
1/10 bust
Sculpted by: Jeremy Wong. 
This simple bust of the famous panzer ace with an odd shaped head is the next figure on 51 Studio’s books – although not yet available you can see he is near finished.
You can see the features of this little man represented quite well here in this resin bust. At 1/10th scale it will be a handy size to paint allowing for lots of detail

Well that is the next two models from 51 Studio. A solid start of the first two kits and now these two – the company looks like they are on the up!

These figures are now available through 51 Studio’s Distributors Worldwide.