Monday, April 6

Alpine’s new German Grenadier comes out firing for Alpines this month.

This month's new releases from Alpine Feature some 35th scale tankers but the other great new figure is 1/16th scale and it features in and a dynamic looking German Grenadier dressed for the wild shooting at the enemy. Let's see if he is on target or not...

German Grenadier
1/16th scale
The pictures show the figure with 2 different heads.
Sculpture by Takahiro Satoh / Boxart by Dr. Jin Kim 
Wow look at this amigo! This new 1/16th figure is really dynamic as he is firing his Mauser Gewehr 43 7.92x57mm calibre semi-automatic rifle (short mag clip) and I think wishes he has a bigger clip from the way his body language is sculpted by the Japanese sculptor Takahiro Satoh
This figure has the choice of two heads, one wearing the bare German M43 helmet and the other has a camouflaged cloth cover on his helmet. Both see the soldier squinting at what he is shooting at in the distance.
This grenadier is dressed for cold weather – with his thick reversible parker in splinter camo and thick woollen gloves are on the top of his body he also has the thick reversible padded trousers on his legs as well. These are seen over the later war lace up boots.

Along with his rifle there are several pouches of ammo worn on his battle harness. He carries a wooden handled entrenching tool as well as a bread bag, canteen and gas mask in a round canister on his rear. He really is very dynamic in his pose and he is skilfully painted here by Dr Jin Kim.
All of these are now available from Alpine Miniature’s Distributors worldwide