Saturday, April 11

Gimme' shelter with Miniart's new dogbox in progress....

Miniart’s new GAZ-AAA truck has a handy wooden rear compartment fit for many uses – it even has indoor heating! Let’s have a look at this new internal combustion vehicle at work…
MiniArt new release in progress. 
Kit #35183
GAZ-AAA w/Shelter
BOX: 345x240x70 mm
  Kit contains 341 parts. 
 This Box contains a model of a single 1/35th scale GAZ-AAA truck with wooden back. This is an update of the several GAZ-AAA trucks already released from Miniart that have seen a lot of success in the market.

These versatile trucks were used by the Soviets and then in turn captured and used wherever practicable by the Germans and their allies as well. This one here was used by the Germans. 
Ambulances, supply workshops and radio communication and control trucks were just some of the things these boxy trucks were used for. The possibilities are endless with these little trucks.

Everything you need for an accurate model in one box including…
·    a total kit parts count of  341
·    314 plastic parts
·    20 PE parts
·    7 clear plastic parts
·    Decals included.
·    Full-color instruction.
·    New Tooling. Up-to-date technology using sliding moulds.
·    Highly detailed chassis
·    Engine is accurately represented
·    Authentic wooden texture
·    All doors can be assembled open or closed.

Sprues in the box
Wooden tray is included for the rear as well as the large box

Several repeated sprues - Wheels x 3, Wheels x 6 & internal wheels

12 Separate Tyre sprues of the "sandwich" type
 Clear parts

Images of Model in CAD to show you a little of what is to expect
 Keep that home fires burning with climate control included!

 A full engine and transmission are visible on this truck as well

Colour choices offered in the box
This and many new items are under development! Miniart will announce them during the year so keep your eyes peeled to the MiniArt site or just swing by The Modelling News to keep on top of things..