Friday, April 17

New CAD's of Tamiya's Mosquito in 32nd scale..

So we had a good news week this week. It seems Tamiya is making the fighter nosed variant of the De Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI in 1/32nd scale. The holdouts have gone wild and the argument has been HK Vs Tamiya – but there hasn’t been any pictures as of yet. We found some sneaky shots of the Tamiya kit in CAD form before it’s preview at the soon coming Shizuoka Hobby Show. Let’s see what we can see so far..

Tamiya’s new 32nd scale Mosquito.
Tamiya’s de Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI
1/32nd scale
Poduct No# 60326
Expected release: June 2015 (fingers crossed)
Pre-order Price: ¥15,840/ USD$133/ €125 from HLJ in June
Having neatly spoiled the HK Models release of their own 32nd scale Mosquito Bomber nose variant that is almost upon us the modelling world is  at odds as to which Mossie they will get. Of course you have the choice between manufacturers and there are many fanboys out there. But also you have the choice between a fighter and a bomber variant of the aircraft.

Although there has been a lot of chit chat there are no photographic pictures as of yet – until this lot of CAD pictures and this real photo below slipped quietly onto the net this morning…
OK what we do know so far is gleaned from Tamiya:

“The "Wooden Wonder" makes an appearance in highly impressive 1/32 scale! That was the nickname given to the De Havilland Mosquito series of aircraft, an ingenious and beautiful design which saw the versatile airplane made almost entirely out of wood. Its outstanding speed and range ensured that the FB Mk.VI was used in a range of missions, including raids on important targets and infrastructure in the German homeland.  It is often said that, until the advent of the Messerschmitt Me262, the German Luftwaffe did not have an adequate response to the "Mossie."
This masterpiece captures the elegant twin-engine form of the FB Mk.VI with astounding detail.  This newly-tooled model was researched using real Mosquitos.
- 51.5cm in wingspan,
- The cockpit interior is realistically depicted, right down to the details such as the pilot's seat cushion. (ouch)
- Separate parts recreate bomb bay and wing underside 500lb bombs, plus 50-gallon drop tanks.
- Three figures are included
- Three marking options and masking stickers.
- A 12-page B5 size commemorative booklet includes color photographs and a detailed history of the Mosquito.
You can get this Mossie if you want to early adopt from the HLJ website. They have it on a pre-order special at This Link.