Sunday, April 26

This jet powered "idiot" is no fool – Radu’s new 32nd scale Ohka 22 drops…

Today we have a look at the launch information of the new 1/32nd scale Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka type 22. RB productions have a good name in the business so their new kits are usually something to look forward too – let’s see this “cherry Blossom” in all her detail…
Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka type 22
From RB Productions
Model: RB-K32003
1/32nd scale
Pre-order today from the RB store directly.

Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka type 22 history…

The Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka or "cherry blossom" was a rocket powered bomb flown by a single pilot on a suicide or Kamikaze attack during the latter stages of WWII. As Japan found herself in an increasingly more desperate position towards the end of World War II these suicide missions became more common place.
The Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka was a great idea as far as rocket planes went. The Japanese built 755 of them by March 1945, and they were all built from non-strategic materials and were incredibly easy to fly. The pilot was to glide them then punch the rockets for a high speed approach to the target. Funny enough there is no data on the landing characteristics of the Ohka, for the ones that reached their targets exploded on impact. U.S. Navy sailors gave the aircraft the nickname Baka which was Japanese for fool" or "idiot" 
Few of these rocket powered aircraft actually reached the ships they were intended to hit, however; the launch vehicle, 16 Mitsubishi G4M2e twin-engine Bettys, tended to be destroyed by U.S. fighters before nearing the targets. They often still released the Ohka, which usually nosed into the ocean. However one did make it to an enemy ship: the destroyer USS Mannert L. Abele, which sunk as a result of a direct hit in April 1945. By then production had ceased on the suicide plane; the Japanese deemed the converted bomber too slow to near the targets. What they needed was a longer range alternative… 
The Model 22 that we see in this kit was designed to overcome the short standoff distance problem by using a Campini-type thermojet engine, the Tsu-11. This engine was successfully tested, and 50 Model 22 Ohkas were built at Yokosuka to accept this engine. The Model 22 was to be launched by the more agile Yokosuka P1Y3 Ginga "Frances" bomber, necessitating a shorter wing span and much smaller 600 kg (1,320 lb) warhead. None appears to have been used operationally, and only three of the experimental Tsu-11s engines are known to have been produced.
Model 22 General characteristics
Crew: One
Length: 6.06 m (19 ft 11 in)
Wingspan: 5.12 m (16 ft 9½ in)
Height: 1.16 m (3 ft 9⅓ in)
Wing area: 6 m² (64.583 ft²)
Empty weight: 440 kg (970 lb)
Loaded weight: 2,140 kg (4,718 lb)
Engine: 1x Tsu-11 Motorjet
Wing Span: 4.05 m
Length: 6.85 m
Height: 1.14 m
Weight: Empty 546 kg / Loaded 1,453 kg
Maximum Speed: 444 km/h
Ceiling: N/A
Range: 112 km
Armament: 600 kg warhead

This resin model of the Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka Type 22 was designed by Radu Brinzan in 1/32nd scale & includes the Ground-Handing Trolley – this is all we know about the kit so far…

 Cad Drawings of the kit
This is a multimedia resin kit. The kit contains:
- 60 resin parts the resin was cast by CMK. 
-1 clear resin part
- 1 vacuum formed part
- 57 photo-etched brass parts
- 1 decal sheet - printed by Fantasy Printshop. The decals include markings for the plane on display in the Smithsonian. 
This neat looking little kit will be released in mid-May 2015 and you can Pre-order today from the RB store directly.