Friday, May 8

Hobbyboss’ new June kits – a pirate a widow and a couple of flimsy off roaders

Hobbyboss has four new items for release in the June - a B model Black Widow in a popular scale, a Russian light tank so obscure it has only been in the world of Tanks game,   the end genesis of the Corsair which was really a Pirate and a German mini metal box on 4x4 wheels. We thought you would want a look at the sprues and markings in today’s preview…
Hobbyboss new items for June 2015

Model: #81731
Model Scale: 1:48
Since starting to focus on night interdiction the United States Army Air Force the success rate was higher than ever before. To counter the enemy night bombing campaign, a series of night fighters began to be put into use. In 1940 the Americans began their night fighter project research but it was not until 1943, on 10 May P-61 before the "Black Widow" came into service, they have been using the Douglas P-70 "Havoc" and British "Beaufighter" to compete with the Japanese up until that point. 
The military began to upgrade their P-61 to accommodate this new and more powerful airborne interception radar, the SCR-720C. These aircraft equipped with a SCR-270C radar was named P-61B black widow. The “B” type to accommodate the lengthened nose radar and the designers also reinstalled the turret in the later aircraft in the batch.
Model Features:
Model Size        Length: 318.3mm    Wingspan: 420mm
The total number of parts      140 +
The total number of offset      11 sprues
Metal parts       ballast
the Kit Consists of over 140 Parts
-Detailed Fuselage & Wing w / Accurate Design
-Detailed Engine & Cockpit
-Metal Parts included
 The completed kit

Model: #83827
Model Scale: 1:35
T-50 light tanks was used as an infantry support tank in World War II by the Soviet Union in the early development of light infantry tanks. The chassis design has many advanced features, but its hull featured a complex construction and so it was expensive to produce. 
Over only a very short production time, only 69 were built. In addition, to achieve mass production of the tank the Soviet Union did not think it necessary to continue production, so T-50 production was ceased after an extremely short run.
Kit details.
Model Size        Length: 149 mm    Width: 70mm
The total number of parts      700+
The total number of offset      16 sprues, lower hull, upper hull and turret
Etched Parts     1 pc
The Kit Consists of over 700 Parts
-   Multi-directional slide Moulded Turret & Lower hull
-   Photo-etched Parts included
-   256 Individual Tracks Links

Model: #80390
Model Scale: 1:48th
F4U-5 was the last production of the US Navy propeller driven Corsair and it was an evolution of the earlier F4U-4 model. The modified F4U-4 (BuNo.27296) used at the time the most advanced technology to make a prototype on 1945 on 12 May 21 May when it completed its first flight.
F4U-5 featured an elongated nose to accommodate the 2300 hp R-2800-32W engine and automatic adjustment of the turbocharger. The canopy was redesigned but the Pirate did not feature in large numbers because of the oncoming of the Jet technology. Since 1945 F4U-5 production was eventually restricted to just 233 aircraft.
Model features
Model Size        Length: 215mm    Wingspan: 260mm
The total number of parts      200+
The total number of 12 sprues
The Kit Consists of over 200 Parts and Parts for canopy 10 Clear.
- Detailed Fuselage & Wing w / Accurate Design
- Engine with Fine Detail
- Detailed Gear Cabin

The completed model

Model: 83811
Model Scale: 1:35
From 1935 to 1944 years Nazi Germany developed a series of 4X4 armoured vehicles that they used as light reconnaissance vehicles. Using the standard sPkw I Horch 801 type heavy truck chassis and a polygon armoured body and turret with a rear mounted engine of 67 kW ( 90 hp) Horch 3.5- litre gasoline engine the German Sd.Kfz.221 was much used especially in the blitzkrieg and early on in the east. With a road speed of 80 km/hour, & a cross-country speed of 40 km / h this little armoured car’s range was about 300 km.
 Initially attached to armoured division reconnaissance battalions, they saw a lot of action and were well suited to the European countries have a good road network, thought the poor mobility was a weakness when these served on both the Eastern and North African battlefields. Their harsh geographical environment limited the use of the car. In turn these were replaced by the Sd .kfz 250 half-track.
Model Features
Model Size        Length: 134mm    Width: 57mm
The total number of parts      310+
The total number of 14 sprues, including upper hull and lower hull
Photo-etched Parts included - 2 sheets
All of these kits will be available through Hobbyboss’ Distributors worldwide this month...