Monday, May 4

Make your modelling fantasies come true with the new book “The Rise of Fantasy”

Euromodelismo’s latest title brings the world of fantasy modelling within your grasp as the techniques and tips of just how to become a better fantasy modeller are shown off. Let’s have a look at this new book in our preview…
 Accion Press new tittle - on Pre-Order
"The Rise of Fantasy"
by J.J. Barrena
Softcover A4 format
Available in Spanish and English
Price: 22,00 €
Model master J.J Barrena’s new book on the intricacies of fantasy modelling is part tutorial and part inspiration. It shows you just how do achieve the fundamentals and the finesse shown by the best fantasy modellers out there.
Though it is becoming a more popular genre and even crossing over into a lot of military modeller’s workbenches there is precious little education on the finer points of this type of modelling on the market J.J. hopes to correct that with his new book. 
Major topics covered in this book are:
- Materials
- Composition
- Painting a Figure
- Ground with layers of Miliput
- Rust & Water
Figures featured in this book - 
- The Sea Lion
- Underwater Attack
- The Wolf Pact
- The Usurper
- The Conjuring
- The Kitchen
- The Puppeteer

Here are some more images of the inside pages (of the Spanish version) of the book "The Rise of Fantasy"
The book "The Rise of Fantasy" by J.J. Barrena is available in Eglish and Spanish Languages for pre-order now.

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