Thursday, May 28

MiniArt up-armours with their new dozer and we have pictures of the completed kit..

MiniArt’s new (don’t call them D7's) dozers are now bladed, with towing and angle bladed and now the next model sees the upgrade to armoured dozer for no extra price! See what’s new in MiniArt’s showroom as the kit’s release date nears…
MiniArt’s latest kit ready for release..

Kit No #35188
1/35th scale
U.S.  Armoured Bulldozer
BOX: 385x240x70 mm
This kit contains 767 parts
With one model of a U.S. Armoured Bulldozer.
Available soon from MiniArt’s Distributors Worldwide

The Caterpillar D7 series medium bulldozer began service with the U.S. military during World War II. Its primary role is earth moving but it was used in a host of other roles e.g. mine clearing with a special flail adapter kit and in this case – an armoured dozer with protected cab for the driver.
The dozer was the primary earth mover for construction of survivability positions and antitank ditches. It had to be transported by trailer due to its poor mobility. During WW II, the D7 was one of the bulldozers collectively known as "Tractor, Heavy, M1." Equivalent tractors were produced during WW II by Allis-Chalmers Co. (Model HD10W, G-98) and International Harvester Co. (Model TD18, G-101). About one thousand Caterpillar D7s were also produced by American Car & Foundry under license when WW II military orders exceeded Caterpillar's capacity.

This model kit from MiniArt features:

Up-to-date technology using sliding moulds.
·   Fully-detailed engine compartment and chassis
·   Total 767 parts
·   757 plastic parts
·   8 PE parts
·   2 Clear parts
·   Decals included
·   Full-colour instructions
·   Workable track links

Sprues inside the Box (some of these like the tracks are in multiples)
CAD images of the Armoured Dozer..

 Photos of the completed and painted model

Painting schemes offered in this boxing..
OK more on this kit when it comes to our door and we review it – till then you can see all of MiniArt’s kits at their homepage.