Sunday, May 24

Yet more cannon fodder to your Italeri "World of Tanks" garage in 35th scale…

Leopards, Panthers, T34/85's and Type 59's to add to your  “World of Tanks” garage with Italeri’s latest four new kits featuring your own favorite tank from the game…

World of tanks – more tanks in 1/35th scale  from Italeri
Italeri is proud to introduce a new exclusive line dedicated to the “World of Tanks” games. Their goal is to offer to World of Tanks fans the possibility to build their own tanks or to collect “in scale” a selection of the most representative tanks available in the most popular and famous multiplayer on line game dedicated to armoured vehicles battles.

Each kit is aimed to be ideal for experts or beginners that want to approach for the first time to the fantastic world of scale modelling, is formed by a 1/35 scale model tank, easy to assembly but with a very high level of details, and by adding a bottle of liquid cement bottle. 
Included in this release are not only liquid cement but...
- tips for how to play your tank, 
-a poster, 
-world of tanks decals, 
-three invite codes 
-bonus code for a suitable tank to yours or premium days

– it’s almost worth buying this to get the codes if you are a dedicated player!

The decal sheet is totally developed on the World of Tanks environment with symbols and graphics directly based on the on line game. And it’s not over. All the World of Tanks players will be able to receive immediate benefits to use in theirs on line armoured battles. In each kit we have included a “tank guide” with historical reference and in-game tips, 3 invite codes, and an exclusive bonus code that offers the possibility to use a “premium” tank, very effective in terms of features in the game. 
The new “World of Tanks” boxes are also interesting for collectors. In fact they can be considered the first results of a partnership project between the world of video games and the world of scale modelling.

...adding to the line already released are:

Pz.Kpfw. V Panther World of Tanks
1/35 scale

Type 59 World of Tanks
1/35 scale

T-34/85 World of Tanks
1/35 scale

Leopard 1 World of Tanks
1/35 scale
Already planned are a 1/35 M24 Chaffee

A 35th scale Ferdinand
A 1/35th Sherman tank
And lastly the mighty Tiger I
Hopefully more tanks and more scales will be available as these models are sure to be popular. 

For more information on these and Italeri’s other kits check out their website..