Friday, June 12

Bronco continues to find the obscure that inspires in July’s new releases…

Bronco continues to make kits that are unique but still a little mainstream if you get our meaning. You have probably seen them before but not in injection Moulded plastic from Bronco.

Bronco’s kits of July 2015

Panzerkampfwagen II FI Sd.kfz.122 with UE Trailer
1/35th scale
In 1939 German Army HQ ordered the development of Flammpanzer (flame-thrower tank). It was armed with two flame-throwers mounted on track guards on each side. Flame-throwers were mounted in special turret-like cases (Spitzkopfe) that allowed them to operate at 180 degrees radius. Each flame-thrower had its own fuel tank with 160 litre capacity which was enough to fire 80 "shots" at the maximum range of 25 meters. Flame-thrower's fuel consisted of a mixture of oil and gasoline that was "shot" with help of pressurized nitrogen stored in six pressurized tanks. Flame-thrower was ignited with acetylene "lighter". 
For additional armament MG34 7.92mm for which 1800 rounds were carried inside. Machine gun was mounted in a small rotating turret (Kugelblende). Its crew consisted of three men (driver, radio operator and commander/flame-thrower operator) and its armour protection ranged from 14.5mm to 30mm thickness. PzKpfw II (F) was powered by 6 cylinder Maybach HL62 TRM engine with total power of 140hp.
This kit in 35th scale comes complete with the “ammo” trailer for the “Flamingo” tank.

Morris C8 AT 17pdr Anti-Tank Gun Tractor
1/35th scale
The Morris Commercial C8/ Anti-Tank (AT) Mark 3 Artillery Tractor was used as the towing vehicle for the 17 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun. Already in use with the British Army, the Morris was converted for airborne forces use by removing the canvas roof and supports, along with the sheet metal sides, doors, tail board and tool boxes.
These modifications reduced the overall weight to 4.5 tonnes, allowing transportation with the 17 Pounder, crew and ammunition, in the Hamilcar glider. During Operation Market Garden the Morris was loaded with 15 boxes of ammunition, each containing 2 armour piercing shells, for the 17 Pounder. The Morris proved unreliable during the operation and was withdrawn from service shortly afterwards.
This kit in 1/35th scale does not have a 17 pounder attached to it but Bronco makes a very nice one that will sit in nicely behind it.

Morris Commercial C8 4x4 Field Artillery Tractor “Quad” Mk.II (Early Prod)
1/35th scale
Kit No# 35137
Another Morris that smartly uses some of the same parts of the AT 17 pounder transport – this release should be popular as it was used right through WWII. 

This kit in 1/35th scale does not have a limber or an artillery piece attached to it but Bronco makes some for you to latch to the tow bar if you like. You can see the similarities to the boxart pic here...
All of these kits should be available from Bronco’s distributors at the end of July.