Saturday, June 13

Bronco's new Horsa Glider in 35th scale will swoop in at the end of July..

So you have you Bronco's Jeeps, British Red Berets, 6 pounders and airborne equipment – all you need now is a glider to bring em all over the channel in now – Well Bronco Models is bringing out a new tool 1/35th scale Horsa Glider - released at the end of June- Let's have a lok at the sprues...
New from Bronco Models 
Horsa Glider  A.S.51/ Horsa Mk.I 
1/35th scale 
June/July Release
Before now we have had an Airspeed Horsa section only from Great North Roads and a mooted Horsa on the way in CAD form from Masterbox – both of ‘em looked great but an all-new Horsa from Bronco models in injection moulded plastic? Sign us up…
A short into video..
The new A.S.51 Horsa Glider Mk I from Broncos promises the glider only right now – noting added as of yet than that and the box-art. We could have predicted this coming though as for a while there has been a build up from Bronco with Jeeps. Several airborne 6 pounders and the equipment and not to mention a lot of “Red Devils” (paratroopers) as well – everything pointed to this and a wonderful dio of the D-Day landings or Operation Market Garden

The ideas for Dioramas are really swimming around my head for this one – fully laden Horsas ready to go…
And gliders unloading their burdens safely landed in France
And some that didn’t really make a smooth landing…
And with all the funny graffiti on them..
 Type: Assault Glider
Origin: Airspeed
Models: Horsa I and II

First Flight: September 12, 1941
Service Delivery:May 1942
Number Produced: 3,644

Wing span: 88 ft.
Length: 67 ft.
Height: 19 ft. 6 in.

Empty: 7,500 lb.
Loaded: 15,250 lb.
Towing Speed: 127 mph
Gliding Speed: 100 mph
25 Troops or equivalent cargo.

Horsa Glider  A.S.51/ Horsa Mk.I 
1/35th scale 
June/July Release
The box cover..
The sprues
US & British decals & Photo etch inside the box
The other recent kits you can well include with this Horsa glider kit from bronco to match this glider in the dio to end all dios..

W.W.II British Airborne Weapon & Equipment Set
Product number:  AB3567
1:35th Scale
Initial release - new tool
Bronco has been making lots of new sets to suit the British Red Devils on the D-day Anniversary. This set will match the troops, guns and Jeeps sets of recent times with a set that has pretty much everything you could want to come out of a Horsa glider or dropped from the sky in a canister on a ‘chute.
Backpacks, BREN guns, Sten Guns, Lee-Enfield rifles Webbley Revolvers, pistol holsters, wicker baskets, ammo crates, PIAT anti- tank guns and ammo, Plenty of cases and wicker baskets, a trolley and a push bike and even a fold-up motorbike dropped in a canister are just part of the very cool additions on this set!
Of course there is some Photo etch in this set as well (where would we be without it?  The portable radio sets and many handles as well as the mechanism for the PIAT, the bike wheels and even the cage door for the homing pigeon cage!!

Bronco CB35168: OQF 6pdr Anti-tank Mk.IV on Carriage Mk.III (airborne) W crew
Manufacturer:  Bronco Models
Code Number:  CB35168
Scale: 1:35 Scale
Item type:  Military vehicle kits (injection)
full infantry support weaponry included
Photo etched and "cable" included
The kit features a full crew and separate rounds. There is also a set of ammo carriers being made to suit this kit.
And here is the full set all built up..

CB35169: British Airborne Troops riding in ¼ ton truck & trailer
This is another release we are not 100% sure of – as the box says it is without figures but this – the third release of the Jeep from Bronco seems to us to include not only the 8 figure from the British Parachute Regiment  but also the trailer for all of their gear – it would go well with a Horsa glider wouldn’t it???

We have some pictures 0f the built up kit to show you just how it all looks when it's together - this is the best way to see the crew hanging off the jeep.
We will bring you a look at these when they arrive but until then for more from Bronco check out their website...