Monday, June 29

Miniart’s new Hog hitting the road very soon…

MiniArt contines a hectic schedule with yet another new and useful kit – this US G.I. rider on his WWII Harley WLA motorcycle looks like he is travelling a hard road – let’s look at his parts in our preview…
In progress from Miniart..

1/35th scale
Kit no# 35172
BOX: 290x190x45 mm
This kit contains 158 parts. 
The box contains model of motorcycle with figure.
Putting together this figure with the very nice Harley Davidson WLA Motorcycle is the subject of the next new kit from MiniArt. Many riders and dispatch bikers saw action during the war and these messengers were a very important part of the services who served in every theatre of the war. This rider looks pretty rugged up so we can assume he is probably a northern European setting we might find him in..
Contents of the Box - the Figure Sprue
And the bike of course...
and of course the clear windshield
PE parts - not too many parts here but he wheel spokes that are scale thickness and come with the cones to shape them...which is great!
The markings of the two choices in the kit

And here he is on his bike all made up – pretty useful on a roadside diorama!

OK more on this kit when it comes to our door and we review it – till then you can see all of Miniart’s kits at their homepage.