Wednesday, June 17

Takoms 35th scale Škoda PA-II Turtle test kit comes out of it's shell for a test run...

Takom's new futuristic looking retro Skoda PA-II in 35th scale is the feture of today's news and we have soem shots of two of the kits built up from takom to show you a little about the original and the kit coming our way very very soon... 

Takoms Škoda PA-II Turtle test kit

Škoda PA-II Turtle
Manufacturer : Takom
Scale: 1/35
Item code: TKO2024 
What a weird little vehicle… This Skoda armoured car was called the “Zelva” or Turtle for fairly obvious reasons and this new kit from Takom gives you a good reason to not buy the now quite expensive CMK kit (140 odd dollars’ worth) and get this simple kit from Takom instead. The PA-II ("Armored Car II") was developed by Škoda, who wanted to produce a  hull with an all-around streamlined armor bodywork.
This 1/35th kit of the Skoda PA-II "Turtle" Czechoslovak Armoured car first saw service in 1925 with the Czechoslovak army, but they were bulky, heavy and not very agile, with poor ground clearance that forbade off-road rides and an internal fighting compartment that was too cramped. Instead, Skoda sold three of them to Vienna's police forces in 1927, and participated in the famous beer hall putsch suppression operation. The remaining nine were purchased by the Czech police.
A number of Czech vehicles were seized and incorporated into the Wehrmacht after 1939, modified to use a radio, as radio relay vehicles. Their operational capabilities were rather limited, but they seem to have been used until 1945.
Here are the pictures of the test kit from Takom - built up showing the slight variations in the kit you can have as well as the simplistic build the kit offers.
 Figure is just there for scale and not sold with the kit...He almost looks the part with this futuristic looking kit tho.
this interesting looking kit will be available from Takom’s Distributors in late June - Early July..