Tuesday, July 7

Kittyhawk’s new Airocobra makes it's first built up debut...

Kittyhawk's new 1/32nd scale P-39Q Airacobra is coming in July, and now there is A built up kit to go along with the box art, five different markings, the plastic and everything else you would need to look at before you think about getting this kit yourself or not....
Kittyhawk’s latest 1/32nd on the P-39Q

Bell P-39Q Airocobra
Kittyhawk models
1:32nd scale
Code: KH 32013
Release in July
The guys at Kittyhawk are striving to get the finishing touches done on their next big 1/32nd kit – the Bell P-39Q Airocobra. Used by many countries in WWII and even beyond this unusual subject has always attracted modellers who like their engine in the back, propeller and guns in the nose and their car door properly opened!

Bell P-39Q Airocobra
National origin         United States
First flight      6 April 1938
Introduction   1941
Primary users: United States Army Air Forces, Soviet Air Force & Royal Air Force
Produced: 1940 – May 1944
Number built 9,588
Unit cost      50,666 USD in 1944
Variants        Bell XFL Airabonita & Bell P-63 Kingcobra
The P-39Q was the last version of the Airacobra to roll off the production lines at Bell. It was also the version which was built in the largest numbers, 4905 P-39Qs being built before production finally ended.
The principal difference between the P-39Q and earlier version was in the fighter's armament--the four wing-mounted 0.30-inch machine guns were replaced by a single 0.50-inch machine gun mounted in a fairing underneath each wing. The ammunition capacity of the underwing guns was 300 rounds per gun. The two fuselage-mounted 0.50-inch machine guns with 200 rpg, plus the hub-mounted 37-mm cannon with 30 rounds, were retained. The replacement of the four wing guns was generally applauded by American pilots, most of whom thought that the 0-30-inch guns of the earlier versions were too light to be effective and it wasn't worth the extra fuel needed to carry the 4000 rounds of 0.30-inch ammunition. However, the Russians, who got most of the P-39Qs built, usually had the underwing gun pods removed.
We now have the info on the five schemes that are included inside the box in this release.
P-39Q, GC111/6 "Travail" Armee de L'Air, La France Combattante.
 P-39N-1-BE, 9 Grouppo, 4 Sttormo, Italian Co-Belligerent AF, June 1944
 P-39Q, 1st AE, 213th GvIAP, C/O of 1st AE Assistant 1st Lt. M.I.Orlov
 P-39Q-5-BE 1st AE,30th GvIAP, 6th IAK.CO of 1st AE 1st Lt.A.P.Filatov, 1945
..And lastly this AAF version Airocobra P-39Q/N "Snooks" of the 2nd unit 71st TRS, 82 TRG from the 5th Air Force.
And here are the sprue shots of the last test kit before production

The new built up pictures of the kit – what to expect so far…
The undercarriage doors look detailed as do the posable flaps with nice interior detail.
 The front office looks detailed like such an open I.P. should
The engine was the Allison V-1710-85 (E19) of 1200 hp, the same powerplant that was used in the P-39N. You can see th Kittyhawk on in the rear can be opened up.
Panels in the rear and the nose can also be opened
 The nose can display the fearful cannons in the nose
The prop shaft went through the engine to power the aircraft
Lots of great Dio Possibilites with this kit.
The latest pictures of the first built and painted kit..
This kit will be available from KittyHawk’s Distributors in July..