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We look at Matho Models launch products in our construction review

Our friend Matthias has opened up his new online store and has started a new company of model diorama enhancements and improvements - called “Matho Models” – Let’s have a look at what his launch items and see if they work like they should in our construction review…

Build review: Matho Models new launch releases March 

Instead of just looking at them in a preview we thought we should place Matho's Models new items in a natural scenario to see if they work, and how they might fit into a diorama of your own making. 

We have six products to try out and they are fairly simple things so we put them together all in the same review for you.

Let's have a look at them now..

1:35th scale
€5.95 (€4.92 ex. VAT)
 Each of these different sized posters are scaled in 1/35th to accurately represent its original size back in the day. They are pretty useful for something that probably hasn't been thought of before. Great for proud Canadian modellers!
The many propaganda posters of all types are included on this paper sheet. Simply cut them out, stick them to the wall you are decorating - and maybe graffiti over them a little bit!

There is only a slight printing signature but this is blown up incredibly large with a 1 Euro coin - so you won't see that in real life unless you are right up close staring hard. Let's put them on a wall...
These worked OK on the bit of wall i quickly painted up to mount it on - a little flat varnish over the top and there you go!

1/35th scale
€6.95 (€5.74 ex. VAT)
This simple single sheet of laser but photo-etched brass is filled with different crate stencil templates that work with a simple bit of spray painting.

These handy stencils in 35th scale are great to give your boxes, crates and containers a little more detail that can be worn and scratched to match the surroundings. The size of the sheet is 5,8 x 4,1 cm (2,28" x 1,61").
We simply cut out the water (Wasser) stencil off the fret, using some simple masking tape to hold it in place. I airbrushed it with white paint onto this 1/16th scale “Jerry” can from Verlinden. Painted with a white cross which is the standard watermarking. I know that this sheet is a 1/35th scale and I have used it on the 1/16th scale can but I wanted a slightly smaller block of text. The main thing I wanted to try was to see if it worked.

The white I sprayed on at a fair distance to make the paint dry as soon as it hit the Jerry can. I gave it two quick coats and this is what happened when I took the sheet off.
These stencils can be re-used and I would say that you clean them as soon as you are finished spraying to keep the letters clean. I think these are really very handy and they do work.

1/35th scale
€6.95 (€5.74 ex. VAT)
We all need more lifelike artefacts of everyday use in the modern warfare scenario – and this set of 1/35th scale boxes feature a total of 32 boxes (of which there are 7 different designs) in this set of cardboard.
The thick paper is slightly rigid to try and keep its integrity during the making up process
Helpfully the inside of the boxes is printed with brown cardboard texture, so the boxes can be displayed opened or flattened or turned inside out as well. 
The paper is slightly not thin enough at times and you have to be ready with a small thin square edge to combat any rounding off of the edges of the card. Once you have a thin straight edge you are all set!

Tips from Mathos models to build these boxes:
-Cut out with a really sharp (preferable new) knife and steel ruler
-Be sure to cut out the thick white or black lines between the top and bottom flaps as well, it will allow you for a better assembly with a cleaner end result.
-After cutting the entire outline of the box, give 1 cut to the left of the thick line, and 1 cut to the right, then use the tip of your knife and press it where the line is still attached to the box, and swipe the knife sidewards to remove the piece
-For easier bending, it is recommended that you use a knife + steel ruler to very gently move over the bending lines. Be sure NOT to press too hard as these lines should not be cut. This will result in nice and sharp bends.
- For Coca Cola and Pepsi boxes you can slightly paint the edges red or blue to remove the white paper colour

1:35th scale
€6.95 (€5.74 ex. VAT)
This set contains two single wooden pallets made from four resin parts to each pallet. The size of each of these pallets is 3,5 x 2,3 x 0,5 cm (1,38" x 0,91" x 0,2") which is  1/35th scale.
These resin crates need some assembly, but after you remove the casting blocks they will be able to be built up and painted however you choose. To me- I think you could either used these in a wood look or maybe painted up, if you have any company decals you could use on them even better.
 I could afford to clean these up a little more actually. There is a little bit of extra resin to remove but nothing serious.
I really looking forward to using these with my new Takom Forklift that is coming very soon...

1/35th scale
€7.95 (€6.57 ex. VAT)
This thick paper set contains a total of 49 different signs that can be used to direct your 1/35th scale soldiers around your Normandy diorama scene. These are common to the signs seen on French roads at the time and some made by G.I’s and seen in pictures of the time.
All of the names you might have heard of are here in this set. Smaller roads and highways are included as well as speed limits, warning signs and other notes to beware of on the road.
Interestingly these are backed with wooden and worn rusted backs on each of these signs so you can simply attach them to a pole and off you go! Nice work by Mathos here I almost didn’t realize this neat feature at first. The weathering on both the front and back of these is very well done. 
and the rear side showing the wood or steel weathered
Tips for usage from Mathos:
- Cut out by hand and without using a ruler; the edges will now be less straight and will look more realistic
- After cutting out the signs, slightly paint the edges to remove the white paper colour
- Although the signs come pre-weathered, you can add additional weathering by using traditional weathering techniques such as pigments, dry brush...
- Use a knife and/or small file to make the edges look worn

Some of the made up signs on the Matho's website

1:35th scale
 €8.00 (€6.61 ex. VAT)
The last in this bunch - This set contains nine parts in grey resin:
3 resin water cans (5 litres)
3 resin water cans of (10 litres)
3 resin water cans of (18 litres)

A little like the gas canisters these nine water containers are even more useful and they do look even more finely moulded around the bottle top and handles.   
Being a volume of 18 litres these two gas canisters in each of these packs are made from resin and they have little handles on them and a catch on the seal just like the other two sets but BIGGER! Mine had a problem that a few of the handles were broken. You could fashion your own but that isn’t the point. This was the only problem I could foresee with these.
This is a pretty varied and interesting line up for the first of the bunch from Mathos Models. There is of course more than these available and they do sell other people's dio stuff as well. All of these work pretty well and they fulfill their purpose.

Well done!

Adam Norenberg

Matho Models is running a Launch Offer on their site! You can find the new site and products here at