Tuesday, August 11

Are you a wings man or a tail guy? Well you can have both with Bronco’s varied September kits…

Bronco have a few really different and a few adapted kits that we have already seen most of in various guises for September – We really didn’t expect just the wings and tail of a glider in 35th to come on sail anytime soon! See what’s new (and new(ish) from Bronco this month…

Bronco’s new kits for September.

T851E1 track link (Rubber) for M24 Light tank Chaffee (Workable)
1/35th scale 

To suit the many Chaffee kits released from Bronco these are rubber road workable tracks for easy assembly and maybe a little driving them around by your kids? (Hope not)

T72 Steel track link for M24 Light tank Chaffee (Workable)
1/35th scale

This time the metal type of track for easy assembly- workable tracks that will suit your cross country Chaffee.

Horsa Glider Wings & rear Fuselage
(Tail Unit) Set
1/35th scale 

This is a brilliant idea! Just supplying the tail and wing sections fo this kit means that people wanting to depict a crashed glider part on say – something like a D-Day or Market Garden landing can show just the tail, or the tail and wings section all broken off. The jury is out on whether you can convincingly display these broken inside but it’s a start in the right direction. Nice thinking….

Panzerkampfwagen MK IV, 744(E) (A13) & UE Trailer
1/35th scale 

This converted Cruiser tank – probably taken from the British or the Russians which was actually a MKIII Cruiser that was converted to a MKIV with heavy cruiser tank with 30mm of armour plating added to the nose, glacis, and front superstructure and more modification to the turret sides. The Germans renamed them Pz.Kpfw. Mk.IV 744(e), and pressed them into service in the next campaigns, from the Balkans to Russia. This version comes with the EU trailer included.

German Horch Fu.Kw (K fz.15) radio car
1/35th scale
Another variant of the popular Horch sees this car in the radio-car version with internal radio and large aerial mast. Suitable for a commander’s car or in a bunch of similar support vehicles this popular kit is seeing all types of variants from the one vehicle kit.

sWS 60cm Infrared searchlight Carrier "UHU"
1/35th scale 

Bronco’s re-kitting of the Nebelwerfer kit and the Great Wall adaption of the “UHU” – the Schwere Wehrmachtschlepper (sWS) was half-track designed by Büssing-NAG and powered by a 6 cylinder, water-cooled Maybach HL42 TRKMS gasoline engine generating 100 horsepower (75 kW). Top speed of 27k’s per hour on good roads with a load capacity of 4,000 kilograms (8,800 lb). This version featured an armoured cab and mounted a large infra-red searchlight for night fighting. These were becoming reality towards the end of the war and this kit will surely be popular with modellers.

Bv P178 Tank Hunter w/”fliegerfaust” B Rocket system
1/72nd scale
This paper plane continues in the many variants of this very nice little kit from bronco – we have already had the dive bobber – the torpedo plane and now the rocket firing variant that never saw action to please all of the luft 46 fans out there.

All of these kits will be available from Bronco’s suppliers in September.