Tuesday, August 18

"Trolling" is good when you get instructions directly from MJ Miniatures...

This new bust from MJ Miniatures in 1/9th scale is a small bust piece that recreates a horrible looking troll with some amazing detail – and he even shows us how to paint it brilliantly in a video – Click on to see the new figure and how he got it looking so good…

New MJ Miniatures Bust on sale

“The Troll”
Code: #MJ09-005
1/9th scale
Sculpt: Antonio Fernández 'piqui'
Box art: Man-Jin, Kim
4 Resin parts & 1mm Aluminium wire
New from Man Jin Kim and MJ Miniatures is this 1/9th scale bust in grey resin and a little bit of wire – it is a new sculpt by Antonio Fernández 'piqui' of an out of this world monster. This bust is surely a creation of a very interesting mind and skilled hand. Even without paint all of the intricacies and whimsies of the sculpt as every wart, stitch and scratch are there to be seen on this fierce, grotesque face. 
So how to paint something like this like the boxart? Well as a treat there are four very nicely presented videos you can watch on just how to achieve the results in a step by step procedure – great to watch and informative!
From every angle the features and colours of this creature come to life in such a vivid way how could you net be tempted to try to do your own troll? I would like to make a grey/ green coloured troll – we will see him soon when he turns up for review. IF you cannot wait - well it is available now through the MJ Miniatures affiliates closer to you..

Here he is painted up from the MJ Miniatures website..