Sunday, August 30

Roman around, sapping with a big axe and talking like a pirate day from Pegaso

Pegaso’s three new figures for September are with us, each is uniquely challenging and very nice looking – let’s take a look at them in our preview…

Pegaso's new September releases...

PAINTER: Danilo Cartacci
MATERIAL: white metal
WEIGHT: 14gms
SIZE: 75mm SCALE: 1:24th
PRICE: € 38
This Sapper from the Dragoons of the guard is from the 18th century is one of Napoleon’s most valuable soldiers - Dressed in distinctive green uniforms and classically inspired copper helmets, the Dragoons of the Imperial Guard were raised in 1806 by the same criteria as other Guard units - by selection of picked, literate veterans from Line regiments who had six to ten years of service, and citations for bravery in at least two campaigns. The following year they were named Dragons de l'Impératrice in a unique compliment to the Empress Josephine. As a ceremonial regiment it enjoyed many privileges, but it also saw combat on a number of occasions, including the battles of Essling and Wagram (1809), the Russian campaign (1812, when it suffered severe losses), at Bautzen, Wachau and Leipzig (1813), in the 1814 Campaign of France, and at Ligny and Waterloo (1815).
This figure from Pegaso is cast in white metal from the sculpt of the very talented Danilo Cartacci. This Dragoon is seen in his typical uniform with white over green and a large rapier by his side with its ornate blade in a lovely looking scabbard.
The sharp eyed amongst you will see the axe on this soldier’s back – well that explains the sapper in the tittle of this figure. These experienced troops were very important parts of the army. Usually well experienced and older men, this is reflected in the pipe this man is seen smoking.

CODE: #200-055
1:9th scale (200mm)
SCULPTOR: Viktor Konnov
PAINTER: Kirill Kanaev
MATERIAL: resin – 7 pieces
WEIGHT: 120gms
PRICE: € 43
This surly mouthed pirate from the seven seas (and a few dirty rivers) is seen is most of the typical garb of a well-dressed man of sail somewhere in the middle to late of last century. The triangle hat bears some nice feathers which you could make in any colours from any exotic bird you feel like…
Seen either yelling instructions or cursing from the side of his mouth, this salty sea dog is wears a sword belt around his chest under his jacket. His flowing hair and bandana can also be coloured however you fancy. The line sin his face are also quite distinctive as well arrrrre-ernt they (pirate joke.)
Our man Viktor Konnov has sculpted this bust and he is recreated here in 1/9th scale resin from seven different parts.

CODE: #75-116
SCULPTOR: Carles Vaquero
PAINTER: Giorgio Montesano
MATERIAL: white metal – 12 pieces
WEIGHT: 280gms
SIZE: 75mm
PRICE: € 38
This centurion does not look at all happy! His furrowed brow sees him looking off into the distance as he holds his large helmet cradled in one arm and his gnarled “discipline stick” in the other. No doubt being in charge of that many men it would come to some good use on the back of those who we showing “non-Roman” values. 
The impressive part of this sculpt for me is the ornate chest plate and armour on his legs and arm bands. This soldier carries a short Gladius and a dagger with a lovely sheath on his belt. Italian style baby! 

Sculpted in 75mm, Carles Vaquero has done an impressive job here also on the fur lined cape which flows in the breeze.
These three new sculpts are now available from the links above from the Pegaso Website and their distributorsworldwide.