Tuesday, September 29

Alpine's new 35th scale GI set previewed in detail...and now able to be purchased directly.

Alpine’s new 35th scale figures for October feature more GI’s from a colder climate. The box art is reminiscent of a cold, dark, northern European autumn or winter setting. Popular subjects you might think – so let’s have a look at them both and as a set in our preview…

Alpine Miniatures October 2015 New releases

This new twin set of figures are both in 35th scale and both come with two head choices. Sculpted by Taesung Harmms - let's have a look at them and Alpine's new online store - direct to you.

WW2 US Infantry
The pictures show the figure with 2 different heads.
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms / Boxart by Dr. Jin Kim
This GI is a “Lootenant” by the marking on his helmet – but he could be a soldier of any rank really. He isn’t carrying a pistol and his steel helmet and his second head and helmet choice is a netted steel M1 helmet as well. He could be any rank really.
His torso is adorned with not only the spare ammo for his M1 Garand rifle but also a cloth bandoleer with more spare ammo over his padded jacket. He also carries a med pack and a water bottle on his belt. These pull in the material on his thick M-41 field jacket. You can see the elastic action pleats on both sides of the back and pursue the ease of movement. These jackets saw widespread use with all GI’s although they were often supplied preferentially in the armoured forces. 
On his feet he wears boots with galoshes that his baggy and damp looking heavy pants are tucked into. Dr.Jin Kim has done a great job in the painting of these figures and his artwork features on all three box-arts this month.

WW2 US Infantry Officer
The pictures show the figure with 2 different heads.
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms / Boxart by Dr. Jin Kim
The boss of these two is certainly this resin figure features a large M1943 M43 Field jacket which was typical for officers in the field. This officer features not just only his jacket on the torso but he is actually carrying a fair bit. His binoculars sit on the chest of his open jacket, and on his back strapped over his shoulder is his very large looking “Walkie Talkie” RT device.
Also shouldered under his arm is his light M41 Carbine – which was originally made specifically for U.S. Airborne Forces during World War II. It has spare ammo pouch on the butt of the carbine and extra ammo pouches on his belt along with his water bottle and medical pack on his back. All of these things hold, pinch and tug at the loose material on his M43 jacket in a way that adds depth and layers to the sculpt by Taesung harms. Again he shows his experience in these two figure’s features.
You can see as well the two head choices for this figure both sport an M1 steel standard issue helmet. Though one is bare the other is covered with netting which matches the choices of his comrade. 

WW2 US Infantry Set
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms
Boxart by Dr. Jin Kim
These two figures are sold as a set match each other well and although nice on their own their body language suits each other in a close association. The thing I noticed about these two figures is that they are listed as “infantry” but both have enough equipment that they could be used as airborne soldiers. The only thing they are missing is jump boots, but many airborne soldiers continued the war in alternate boots. 
Alpine Miniatures New Online Store
If you are in the USA, you can now purchase Alpine products directly from the manufacturer- Alpine offer Free Domestic Shipping in the USA only on orders over $65.

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