Saturday, September 5

Bandai’s “Force Awakens” kits continue with a new X-Wing & Millennium Falcon in scale…

To add to the other “Force Awakens” Star wars injection moulded kits comes the news that Bandai is also bringing out some space craft – not any but the most famous aircraft of the series –the 72nd scale X-Wing T-70 fighters and the revised Millennium Falcon in 1/144th scale – we have the key points and images so take a look at this new kit in our preview…
Two new spacecraft from “The force Awakens” from Bandai in October…

"Millennium Falcon (The Force Awakens)"
Bandai Models
1/144th scale
price 5,400 yen
Bandai are getting heavily into injection moulded star wars kits at the moment – two new kits from “the Force Awakens” feature two of the most loved starcraft from the Star Wars series but updated in form to suit what you will see in the new movies – let’s look at both of these models in turn
The Millennium Falcon is a heavily modified YT-1300 Light Freighter that has been owned by many pilots during its prolonged life, notably by Lando Calrissian who lost it to Han Solo in a game of chance. Han Solo became the captain of the ship and made Chewbacca his first mate. The Millennium Falcon then played an important role in the Battle of Yavin to help Luke destroy the first Death Star.
The ship is later carefully piloted by Lando in the Battle of Endor to the centre of Death Star II to detonate the reactor core, destroying the Empire's second attempt at a large-scale battle station. The Falcon narrowly escaped the Death Star's destruction. After that the ship, Solo and Chewbacca his first mate had many more adventures in many more systems.
In the Battle of Endor, the freighter lost its sensor dish, which was circular in shape, when flying into the narrow vents of the Death Star. From the two teaser trailers for Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens it can be seen that the old sensor dish has since been replaced with a new rectangular model.
From the new star wars movie "The Force Awakens” Bandai have made a whole new 1/144th scale Millennium Falcon complete with new sensor dish and even more worn hull than first seen in the earlier Star Wars films. Fuselage of fine detail reproduction and character figures over detail, directing the play in the scene close to the various optional parts, such as a base. The features that this kit includes are:
  • The Cockpit faithfully reproduces the original internal structure.
  • To simulate the Falcon in flight Bandai have given both clear blue and black engine exhaust area
  • The canopy is made from clear material, two is supplied only frame.
  • The hatches can be opened and closed after construction if you like.
  • This kit comes with the landing gear so you can reproduce the Millennium Falcon in the tarmac.
  • The figures for the ship are reproduced in the same scale Rei, Han Solo, Chewbacca (seated type upright type) and BB-8 is included.
Accessories that come with this kit…
The display base features a replica of the desert on the planet of Jakhu.
1/144 scale fin figure × 2 (seated × 1 · upright × 1)
1/144 scale Rei figure × 2 (seated × 1 · upright × 1)
1/144 scale Han Solo figure × 2 (seated × 1 · upright × 1)
1/144 scale Chewbacca figure × 2 (seated × 1 · upright × 1)
1/144 scale BB-8 × 1
× 2 canopy species (Clear parts × 1 · frame parts × 1)
Rear engine “in action” effect parts
Hatch opening and closing reproduction parts
Sticker or decal choices

 “X-wing fighter Resistance (The Force Awakens)"
1/72nd scale
Expected price 2,592 yen
The new fighters from “The Force Awakens” also get a look into from Bandai – although these are not the same as the X-Wing fighters you might know well – Let’s have a little look before we look at the new 72nd scale kit
The 1/72 Scale Resistence X-Wing Fighter comes unassembled, but pre-painted. It will also include decals. The vehicle will include weapon effects, canopy pieces, a display stand, as well as standing and seated pilots as well as BB-8. This will be available in October at a price of 2,592 Yen (about $21 USD).
The “X” wing is reproduced here in either closed or “Attack Position” whilst the detailed cockpit is covered with a clear cockpit that opens or closes.
The weaponry is depicted in clear plastic to replicate the look of firing lasers - simply insert them into the sockets in the wing tip.
The kit is moulded in colours but you can paint it up yourself and either use decals or stickers to detail the kit to your own tastes…
The pilot (seated type upright type) and BB-8 is included.
The display base is shown as the sandy desert motif of Jaku. The arm allows you to pivot the X-wing in any angle…
Accessories that come with this kit…
1/72 scale BB-8 figure × 1
1/72 scale pilot figure × 2 (seated × 1 · upright × 1)
Canopy × 2 species (Clear parts × 1 frame parts × 1)
These kits will be available in October from Bandai’s distributors