Saturday, October 10

Hobbyboss’ November kits – A dark lady & a bit of Swedish between two Russians…

Hobbyboss have four new releases for November. Two Russian tractors from WWII and the very cool flying barrel and the last black widow – let’s see the kits and sprues in the Hobbyboss preview…

Hobbyboss’ new items for November 2015

Soviet T-20 Armoured Tractor Komsomolets “1938”
Model# 83847
1/35th scale
The T-20 was designed in 1936. They were manufactured during 1937-1941 at Factory no. 37, as well as at STZ and GAZ vehicles.
 The tractor was designed to tow light artillery pieces such as the 45mm anti-tank gun and the 120mm heavy mortar. The tractor could tow the weapons themselves plus a small quantity of ammunition, usually towed in a limber, along with up to six crewmen. Occasionally, two limbers were towed to increase the ammunition supply.
Model Features:
Model Dimension         Length: 97mm   Width: 53.3mm
Total Plastic Parts       270+
Total Sprues     13 sprues, lower hull and upper hull
Photo etch parts
The kit consists of over 270 parts
Multi-slide moulded cab and lower hull
Photo etched parts included
Individual track links

P-61C Black Widow
Model# 81732
1/48th scale
Since the Air Force of each country started paying their attention to the night bombing, the bombing became more effective than ever. To fight against the night bombing, a series of night fighter were put into use. The American start their night fighter program on 1940.The Army use the P-70 Havoc and Beaufighter to fight with the Japanese until the first 45 P-61 Black Widow were in active service in October,1943.
     But both the P-61A and P-61B were felt to have a deficiency in top speed and operational service ceiling. To improve the performance, two new more powerful Pratt & Whitney R-2800C engines were applied. With this increase in power, the top speed and altitude were increased to 430 mph and 30,000 feet. 
Another changes on the P-61C was the wide chord propellers and special "fighter brakes" which allows the P-61C to turn much tighter and avoid overshooting targets. 
Model features:
Model Dimension         Length: 318.3mm   Wingspan: 420mm
Total Plastic Parts       140+
Total Sprues     11 sprues
Metal Parts - ballast
The kit consists of over 140 parts
Detailed fuselage wing w/accurate design
Detailed engine & cockpit
-metal parts included

Russian T-40S Light Tank
Model# 83826
1/35th scale

The T-40 was an improvement over the T-37 and T-38 in several respects. The coil-spring suspension of the T-38 was replaced by a modern torsion-bar suspension with four pairs of road wheels. The boat-shaped hull was entirely welded, in contrast to the riveted hulls of the T-37 and T-38. The welded, conical turret shape improved protection, although the armour was still very thin. Armament was a 12.7mm DShK heavy machine gun, a much more potent weapon than the 7.62mm DT machine gun mounted on the T-38.
Model Features
Model Dimension         Length: 110mm   Width: 65.5mm
Total Plastic Parts       310+
Total Sprues     15 sprues and lower hull
Metal Parts       copper cable, gun barrel
The kit consists of over 310 parts
Multi-directional slide moulded turret & lower hull
Photo-etched parts included
182 individual tracks links

J-29F Tunnan
Model# 81745
1/48th scale
The Saab 29, colloquially called Flygande Tunnan (English: "The Flying barrel") was a Swedish fighter designed and manufactured by Saab in the 1950s. It was Sweden's second turbojet-powered combat aircraft, the first being the Saab 21R. Despite its rotund appearance, the J 29 was fast and agile, serving effectively in both fighter and fighter-bomber roles into the 1970s.
      J-29F Fighter, 308 aircraft converted from available stocks of B and E model airframes from 1954 to 1956; featured the afterburning Ghost and dog-tooth wing; all remaining aircraft were further modified in 1963 to carry a pair of US-designed AIM-9B Sidewinder heat-seeking air-to-air missiles, built by SAAB under license as the "Rb 24."

Swedish & Austrian markings are included.
Model Details
Model Dimension         Length: 195.5mm   Wingspan: 214.4 mm  
Total Plastic Parts       120+
Total Sprues     5 sprues
The kit consists of over 120 parts,
Includes clear parts for canopy.
Detailed fuselage wing w/accurate design

These kits will all be available from Hobbyboss’ distributors in November.