Friday, October 16

Preview: MENG' Soviet super heavy buil tup - The T-10in 35th scale

Born at the end of a political and doctrine – the JS-8-10 or T-10 as it was named before Stalin croaked it – was the last of their Super heavy JS range – and now MENG have set their sights on modelling it in 35th scale – we have the initial news on their new creation…
 MENG's new T-10 in 35th scale..
This 1/35 scale Soviet T-10M Heavy Tank plastic model kit offers clear lights, periscopes and optical equipment, movable torsion bar suspension, cement-free workable tracks, movable crew hatches, elevatable main gun barrel, precision PE parts and two paint schemes.

Length: 305mm, Width: 97mm

During the WWII, Soviet JS/JS-2 (Joseph Stalin) heavy tanks were the nightmare of German army. After the war, the Soviet Union still insisted that heavy tanks were most important in wars, and equipped its troops with JS-3 and JS-4 tanks. In 1948, the Object 730 started. The tank once was named JS-8, JS-9 and JS-10. In the late 1950s, the Soviet Union implemented the policy of de-Stalinization and the name of the Object 730, as the last version of Joseph Stalin heavy tank series, had to be renamed T-10.
Between 1953 and 1965, about 1500 T-10 tanks were produced by the Soviet Union. The last version of T-10 tank and also the version with most modifications - T-10M, started its service in 1957. T-10M had a crew of 4. Its combat weight was 51t. It was powered by a 750hp V-12-6 supercharged diesel engine. It was fitted with a 122mm M-62-T2 (2A17) rifled gun; its secondary weapon was a 14.5mm KPVT coaxial machine gun and an anti-aircraft machine gun. The loader and commander were supplied with infrared night vision equipment. The tank was equipped with an NBC protection system. 
Markings included in the kit...
MENG’s brand new TS-018 1/35 scale Soviet T-10M Heavy Tank plastic model kit is exactly a replica of this most feared Soviet heavy tank. This kit is 305mm long and 97mm wide. Its typical exteriors inherited from Joseph Stalin heavy tanks are realistically replicated. Many details of the real vehicle are perfectly represented, like the front hull structure, the "turtle shell" turret and the long barrel.
During the Cold War, T-10Ms pointed their barrels at the NATO AFVs on the other side of the Iron Curtain. However, they didn’t get any chance to fight with NATO tanks and finally retired from service in 1993. They only participated in the Operation Danube in the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968.
Now, let’s take a look at the following pictures and enjoy MENG’s coming monster - first in CAD and then painted and finished...

The KPVT Machine Gun can be built in either horizontal or elevated position.

The Infrared searchlight can be built open or closed.
Commander’s and loader’s hatches are movable.
Storage boxes or a roll of canvas can be installed at the back of turret.
Cement-free workable double-pin tracks are easy to assemble with the jig included in the kit; movable suspension is provided.
A Tool Is Provided For Easy Assembly Of Workable Tracks. The Movable Running Gear Is Realistic.
The Fine Texture Of The T-10M Cast Turret Is Perfectly Represented.
The One-Piece Muzzle Brake Is Delicate And Easy To Assemble. 

Texture Of The Unditiching Beam Is Detailed And Realistic.

Additional Fuel Tanks And Smoke Drums On The Rear Of The Hull Are Perfectly Represented.

This Kit Contains Dark Green, Black Grey And Clear Plastic Sprues, A PE Fret And A Decal Sheet.
The Accurate Exteriors Of This Model Clearly Reflect The Features Of Deadly Soviet Tanks.

Details On The Front Hull Are Featured By Precise Plastic Parts, Clear Parts And PE Parts.

This tank will be available soon through MENG’s Distributors Worldwide.