Wednesday, October 21

Wilder’s war chariots on display in “Adam’s Armour 1 & 2” - available for a pre-release discount

Most people will know Adam Wilder from his videos, models and now his weathering and modelling products. Now he has two new book just about to be released chronicling his most recent masterpieces – let’s have a look at some of what’s in them and the discount offer on the pre-release…

Two new books from Adam Wilder

By Adam Wilder
AFV Modeller Ltd
192 pages
English text.
Pre-order price 2,50  €35.00 € / normal cost 42.50 
€ SAVE: 17.6%!
A brand new modelling book from Adam Wilder where he shows how he builds his masterpieces. Lots of pictures and step by steps give an in depth view of all the tricks and tips of this master modeller also concerning accessories and scratch building details. 
This modelling guide aims to be the ultimate in the construction of armour modelling!, with Adam Wilder's pioneering processes and techniques described by him in the greatest of detail. The kits here you might or might not know and they present the culmination of many years of Adam's work, many unseen in print until now.
 Adam's Armour 1 will improve and enrich any modeller's work from beginners to the more proficient. This volume totalling 192 pages covering every aspect of assembly, detailing and conversion techniques which keeps Adam at the forefront of scale armour modelling with worldwide acclaim. This volume also include a very special Gallery of Adams work.
The pre-order offer for this book has already begun – Delivery is set to start on the 5th November.

By Adam Wilder
AFV Modeller Ltd
232 pages
English text.
Pre-order price 35.00 € / normal cost 42.50 € SAVE: 17.6%
Two part of the Adam’s Armour, as the publication is named, has been announced – first dealing with construction and the other with painting & finishing. This book is to be quite extensive having 232 pages full of builds tips and tricks.
Adam’s Armour is now available from the AK Interactive distributors worldwide.. Get in quickly for your 17.6% off in the pre-order…