Sunday, November 22

A Hussar and a horse, A legion to be cheerful and an Orge letting out a Shrek are all new this month from Pegaso

Pegaso’s three new figures for November are with us, and they are as nice looking as they are well painted on their box-arts. We have some nice images of them in our November Pegaso Preview… 

Pegaso’s new figures of November

Sculptor: V. Konnov
Painter: D. Cartacci
Category:13 France XVII-XIX Cen.
Material: White Metal
Size:90mm /Scale: 1:20th
Price: € 183
Hussar Regiment ‘Wurttemberg’ Number 4 was one of only two Prussian hussar regiments present at the Battle of Auerstadt. It was joined with Hussar Regiment Number 8 to form Blucher’s cavalry brigade in the Advanced Guard detachment.
 This flagbearer is proudly waving his comrades on into glory as he pulls back on the reigns of his steed. He is still pretty large with the inclusion of the horse, the rider and the flag above his head this sculpt will turn heads..
 The regalia of this white metal sculpture is interesting, the effect of gravity on the banner  and scabbard of his sword site off the body as he leans backwards - something very simple but a nice way to show movements in oa figure.

Sculptor: V. Konnov
Painter: D. Ruina
Material: White Metal
Size:75mm/ Scale: 1:24th
Price: € 38
This legionnaire of Roman times is seen in a similar joyous pose as the Hussar. He is either signalling to someone or celebrating in joy after a victory - your choice i suppose
 Sculpted by Victor Konnov and painted in this instance for the box art by Diego Ruina, you can see the details are all there to be picked out in an easy fashion by a careful painter.
 The fluidity of the cape and the large square shield along with the soldier's sandals and other linked armour make this an interesting subject to  paint and show off.

Sculptor: A. Jula
Painter: F. Farabi
Material: White Metal
Size:65mm/ Scale 1:32nd
Price: € 25
This tough looking supernatural ogre looks pretty mean in 32nd scale and painted here by Mr Farabi. He wields a massive slashing sword with an axe head and I would not like to get in the way of him let alone his axe/sword.
The Ogre is a tall figure and his armour makes him look all that more imposing. I suppose you could make an ogre any colour you wanted because they were fantastical creatures but this fellow in an earthy colour looks pretty cool. Make your armour to contrast I suppose! 
While we are looking at his armour I noticed his large shield and braces. His shoulder pads and fur wraps remind me of a barbarian or a gladiator. I think he would give both of them a hard time if he were real…
These three new sculpts are now available from the links above from Pegaso’s online store