Saturday, November 7

A thrice-nice looking set of Masterbox’s tankers of WWI

Recently Masterbox have been making some good looking WWI figures – Infantry on both sides, and now they have a new kinda special release – special in that you can have a pair of either French, German or British tankers in one box. Let’s look at these six figures in our preview…
Masterbox new products for November 2015

Masterbox Models
Six figures from three nations included on one tan sprue
The “Tankmen of WWI era” kit continues the series of the figures dedicated to the subject of WWI era in 1/35th scale. The kit consists of one sprue with all of the parts that you need to build six figures of tankmen of WWI era. 
The uniqueness of the kit is that these 6 figures are divided into 3 pairs, each of those consists of private tank man and officer and each pair shows tankmen of French, German and British Armies. 
With WWI aircraft, tanks and figures being in the news recently this kit is very topical. Having three different pairs of figures makes this a good purchase if you want to kill a few birds with the one stone – this is the figures as you could paint them up.
Here is a closer look at the  sprue map 
...And the figures – firstly the German – an officer and tanker. 
Then the Frenchmen – these uniforms did not change much even up until the second world war.
And lastly the British – these would look great next to your whippet or Mk.I,II, IV or V tank.
This kit will be available through all of Masterbox’s distributors after November…