Saturday, November 28

New 1/35th bears, pigs, puppies & pin-ups from Mantis

The cheeky surprise these ladies have is store for those Nazi pigs are surely something they won't “bear”? These two new figures from Mantis Miniatures are sold as individuals or in a set and we are going to look at them today. 

Mantis Miniatures New Figures & Accessories
Mantis miniatures provide us with some pretty nice resin figures. We have had a look at a few of them here on TMN and usually we like what we see. They are definitely up there on most modellers wishes with often figures that are a little different from the norm. These two new Pin Up ladies are joined by an accessory set and two animal sets – Let’s Have a look at them..

Pin-up Girl #2
price: 14€
Sculpted by: N.Pizzichemi
Painted by A.Miniszewski
In the tradition of all of the Pin-up girl figures you may have seen on the side of the fighting aircraft of WWII here is a rendition of that style in something you can use – a 1/35th scale figure.

This young lady is designed to fit onto one of the superb new Masterbox or even the older tamiya pushbikes (not included of course.) This bent bar shows a girl’s bike that she sits neatly on top of.
It made us wonder – was it the wind blowing up her skit, the bike’s seat catching or was she making a distraction? Then we had a look at her partner….

Pin-up Girl #1
price 14€
Sculpted by: Nino Pizzichemi
Painted by: Artur Miniszewski

This lady is seen looking very sassy , but maybe a little sinister also. You can see that she is pulling her skirt to the side – to reveal a luger pistol!

This innocent and lovely lovely looking lady might even be creeping up behind her partner in this set while her skirt pulled up on the bike is a distraction.
She and her partner are both sculpted in 35th scale and sold as a single figure or as a set…

Pin-up Girls Set 1
price: 26€/
Sculpted by: N.Pizzichemi / Painted by: A.Miniszewski
Bicycle not included. Dedicated to Tamiya & Master box kits.
..and here is the big reveal! These two ladies are playing a dangerous game, they are both sassy but there is a little sinister in the air about them as one distracts while the other stalks her prey. I can already think of the interesting scenarios that the modeller could make up – not just even in a WWII setting which they would be perfect for but other eras and theatres as well...

Sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi and Painted in this instance by Artur Miniszewski, both of these resin figures are now available in 35th  scale as single or combined sets for 26 euro. Now only f there was something to carry in that bike’s basket???

Pin-up Girl & Accessories for bicycles.
price: 26€/
Bicycles not included. Set contains additional parts dedicated to Tamiya & Master Box kits.
Exactly what is upset in the applecart is this – a 35th scale set of “Stowage” for push bikes. This is all the accessories a young lady on the go might like – with two saddlebags, some fruit, a hat and some clothes a wrapped and belted blanket, a purse and lastly a dog inside the front basket of the bike! A lot of stuff there, all you need now is the bike.

Animals Set 22
price: 14€
Sculpted by P.Szymczyk
Painted by A.Miniszewski
This brown bear /he could be a ny colour I suppose. Looks pretty much like the bears you may still well see in Europe or north america, so you could use him in many a number of dioramas you may have in mind.

Animals Set 23
price: 14€
Sculpted by P.Szymczyk
Painted by A.Miniszewski 
You know it’s thanksgiving when a turkey gets a shot in grey 35th scale resin. The natural enemy of Vladimir Putting this turkey is joined by three little pigs from that nursery rhyme all covered in mud!

These are available from Mantis Miniatures directly and the best worldwide model shops. You can also place an order directly from Mantis by