Wednesday, December 2

Amazing works in print, brushes, weathering sets and deposits - AK Interactive’s new December items.

AK Interactive’s new December items have come at last and they are a varied lot. A new FAQ updated, some new wreathing sets and deposits as well as new brushes to work with. New decals, magazines and a book by Aitor Azkue himself! – let’s have a look in our December preview…

New AK Interactive for December

Aitor Azkue
39,50 €
If there is one modeller that has distinguished himself over the last decade, due to his amazing dioramas, it is Aitor Azkue. This book shows off the very best of all of his work. With spectacular dioramas, more than 1800 images, step by step guides, and all of his tricks described in detail, there is no book quite like this. Inside the 292 pages of this essential book, there are 10 complete dioramas looked at in total detail.

9,00 €
There has already been 6 issues of our magazine dedicated to military aircraft, and we are now seen as one of the best aircraft magazines in the world. 
Under the editorship of Daniel Zamarbide and his team of collaborators, in this edition we will take you directly back to The Battle of Britain. The magazine contains artwork from Romain Hugault, and many detailed articles of the highest quality, with clear photography.

10,50 €
Essential set to reproduce basic weathering effects for all branches of modelling. Chipping liquid (Worn Effects), also includes a neutral wash that is very useful for many colours and our odourless high quality thinner. A set as basic as red, black or white colours.

Includes: AK-049 Odourless Thinner, AK-088 Worn Effects Acrylic Fluid and AK-677 Neutral Dark Grey Wash

10,50 €
Essential set to imitate the weathering effects on models that aim to recreate the appearance of an abandonment and decay. This set includes our special deposits for moss and decay with our enamel formula, and a pigment to achieve ultra-realistic effects.

Includes: AK-675 Decay Deposit, AK-676 Moss Deposit and AK-148 Faded Green Pigment

FAQ 2 Limited Edition English
57,00 €
The book has 320 pages, more than 1500 colour photographs.
The third edition of our best-seller, first published by AK four years ago, and available in a limited edition for this Christmas. Considered as the modelling bible for military vehicles, containing all the modern techniques that you need, to raise your modelling to the very highest level. This title is suited for beginners and the advanced modeller alike. 

11,20 € 
Exclusive set of brushes specially developed for weathering purposes. If the products are important the tools are as well, here you will find a set with the more appropriate brushes to make streaking effects, dusting, washes or general weathering.
Includes: AK-576, AK-577, AK-578, AK-579 and AK-580
Or you can buy these brushes individually..

2,00 €
2,20 €
2,30 €
2,20 €

Also there are new decals in 35th scale from AK this month..

6,50 €

6,50 €

6,50 €
You can download the new Xmas catalogue at This Link

All of these new products are available from AK Interactive’s website & Distributors Worldwide