Monday, December 7

Bronco's new december kits are airborne, mobile, small calibre, photogenic,all fueled up and ocean bound...

New recon on some protected naval Chinese interests, a popgun and some German automotive genius with some much needed fuel that leaves you a little “Horsa” in the throat? Let’s look at Bronco’s December new items in today’s preview…
Bronco Models New Products for December 2015

The Imperial Chinese Navy Protected Cruiser ‘Chih Yuen’
1/144th scale 
 The Chih Yuen was a protected cruiser in service with the Chinese Beiyang Fleet. Chih Yuen was the sister ship to Ching Yuen, both of which were designed and constructed in Elswick, in the United Kingdom by Armstrong. This type of cruisers, produced exclusively for export, were loosely known as the "Elswick Cruisers". They were fast and well-armed, but considered to be vulnerable. 
This smaller scale new kit from Bronco comes with it’s own display stand for showing the hull above the waterline. Every detail you may want has been included and as much of it as possible in plastic. Though there are some photoetched details and a bunch of give you thin detail for the rope ladders as well.
Some CAD images of the kit

Mittlerer Einheits PersonenKraftwagen(m.E.Pkw) Kfz12(Early Version) & 2.8cm sPzB41 On Larger Steel-Wheeled Carriage w/Trailer Sd.Ah.32/2
1/35th scale
Again several incarnations of this light automobile have been issued but this one is matched with Bronco’s kit of the Steel-Wheeled Carriage w/Trailer Sd.Ah.32/2, this time with the larger wheels in the kit. There looks like a lot of detail included in this little car, you can see the feature set below in the back of the box illustrations.
All of the thinner parts are reproduced not in PE but in plastic. There are two Photo etched sheets for the very thinnest details like thin steel plates, parts for the engine and mudguards but the rest are thin, but detailed bronco plastic.
Some CAD images of the kit car – roof up and down, and not the MG-34 protection gun on a stand in the back!
And the that’s light mobile firepower.

Blohm & Voss BV P.178 Reconnaissance Jet
1/72nd scale
This 72nd scale Luftwaffe ’46 aircraft is the latest incarnation of this jet following the dive bomber, naval attack variant and heavy fighter. A simple kit we reviewed here on TMN earlier.
Included as a new sprue in this kit are the separate cameras for this recon version as well as the larger fuel tanks for range. The rest is the neat little kit we looked at. I cannot think of how many other variants that can be created from this mould, maybe a Mistel J?

1/35th scale
Where was this lot in the Ardennes?

Kit No AB3576   
1/35th scale
..and six more “Jerry” cans for your collection…

Airspeed A.S.58 Horsa Glider Mk.II
plastic injection moulding plus a small PE sheet
1/35th scale 
Having already seen the Horsa I with the solid fuselage but now this – the Mk.II has the swing open nose to allow cargo to exit straight out of the nose and a longer wingspan of 26.8 m, a reinforced floor and double nose wheels to support the extra weight of vehicles. The tow was attached to the nose rather than the dual wing points of the Mk.1. In total 225 were built by Airspeed, 65 by Austin and 1271 built by Harris Lebus. Both Horsa variants were used by the USAF.
The success of Germany's glider borne troops during the invasion of France and the Low Countries encouraged the Allies to look at making their own versions. The most successful British type was the Airspeed Horsa and was built in large numbers. Equipped with a large cargo door on the port side, jettison able tail and a nose that turned to the side, the Horsa Invasion Glider proved to be very capable. The type was used extensively during most airborne operations involving British Paratroops and was responsible for airlifting nearly a quarter of air-supplied supplies during the Normandy invasion.
The Horsa was extremely manoeuvrable considering it was un-powered and rather large. Huge flaps powered by compressed air and wing mounted air brakes allowed them to stand on its nose and swoop down quietly to a landing, although the troops carried probably didn't appreciate this much.

The features of this kit
A full interior is rendered on this kit and the Mk.I - a bit of work unless you want to seal it u- but what results if you can get it looking like the real thing....
All of these kits will be available from Bronco’s Suppliers in October.