Thursday, December 17

No better day to release something Star Wars from Bandai….3 releases and one we have solid info on..

To add to the other “Force Awakens” Star Wars injection moulded kits comes the news that Bandai is also bringing out a new 1/12th scale “Shadow Trooper” ( plus two other "Force Awakens" faves)  We have the key points and images so take a look at this new kit in our preview…

Three new kits (but only one we have info on) from Bandai in December/ Jan…
Bandai are getting heavily into injection moulded Star Wars kits at the moment – Several kits from the original trilogy and also new items from “the Force Awakens” feature in their line up – today we heard of two popular releases in the 1/12th figure scale range – no – make that THREE new figures!

Not only is the Figures of the mysterious Kylo Ren to be added to their series but also the chrome clad Captain Phasma in 1/12th scale. It will be interesting to see how this chrome look is made in this series...
Shadow Troopers were a variant of the Galactic Empire's Stormtrooper. They wore a black suit of armor equipped with a cloaking device, and wielded a T-21 light repeating blaster

 The uniform of the Shadow Trooper

Armed with a powerful blaster rifle and dressed in black Armor designed to increase sensor-stealth, these Stormtroopers loyally serve a mysterious agent of evil named Carnor Jax. Trained to fight without mercy for any opponent, these Stormtroopers obey Jax's order to locate and eliminate an Imperial Guardsman named Kir Kanos.
It doesn’t take long for your research to go “wrong” looking for pictures of the Shadow Trooper – ohh the internet…
We have information on the new Bandai kit of thee Shadow Trooper for you...
1/12 scale
Dec 2015 release
Moulded in Black Plastic, these new fully articulated figures are much like the already released Stormtroopers but with some added features common to only the Shadow Trooper.  Distinctive (black) colour was reproduced in colour moulding. Included in this package will be both water slide and sticker details for you to choose between. 
Three types of weapon for this trooper including their holster is included. The E-11 blaster, DTL-19 heavy blaster rifle & SE-14r short-range Combat Pistol 
Several different hands support a variety of poses, one of holding a weapon, two with a flat palm. A right fist and the left hand pointing are included and can be swapped out if you like.
There are some rumours that this will be a 'Premium Bandai' kit that is not available for purchase in your local model shops, though this is not such a big deal to those who now have to jump thru hoops to get their Bandai Star Wars kits – we are sure you will find a way! 
The display base for the trooper to be based on is included 
 This special edition kit is scheduled for December 2015 thought this is still subject to be changed. Surely it’s won’t take them that ling to bring it out…

This kit will be available from Bandai’s distributors