Sunday, December 6

Tanks for the tip - Miniart’s second Refueller gets updated to 1939 spec…

You no longer have to go for an expensive resin kit or conversion to make a Russian refuelling tanker in 35th scale with their new BZ-38 based on the GAZ-AAA truck chassis. Now MiniArt has TWO Soviet tankers in 35th scale and we have a look at the second in the line in today’s preview.

 MiniArt's second BZ- series tanker in progress..
Kit# 35158
1/35th scale
BOX: 345x240x70 mm
 This kit contains 651 parts. 
Box contains one model of this soviet refueller. GAZ-AAA Mod. 1939 Refueller
The first BZ-38 tankers were a derivative of the GAZ-AAA truck and initial conversion was first seen in 1938. This version is the 1939 version of the tanker. Updated from the original MiniArt kit we have already had a look at and it offers some new tooled parts on the rear of the truck. 
The first tanker in this series is now available from MiniArt as well.
The tank is larger and several other small changes make it visibly different in the rear to the stock BZ-38 used by VVS (air force), red army ground units and navy (air force and ground units 
This refuelling truck was the basic transport and refuelling machine of the soviet air force for much of the war. It was used to refuel most of the fighter aircraft, scout-airplanes with smaller fuel needs as this was not a large truck.
The truck weighed 4 tons with a maximum speed 65km/h. With 1942 the soviet forces began manufacture of the simplified variant, which has called the BZ-38U.

Contents of the box- the sprues

The clear parts are also joined with photo etched parts
The CAD drawings of the truck look pretty good so far – we need some Yaks or Ratas to put this next to… Note track links for rear bogie wheels on this version as optional extras as well.
 When you look through the tank you can see the pumping equipment
O.K. more on this kit when it comes to our door and we review it – till then you can see all of Miniart’s kits at their homepage.