Sunday, March 13

CAD Preview: Kittyhawk upsizes their cat with a 32nd scale Sepecat Jaguar family on the way...

Kittyhawk surprised a few with their very good Sepecat Jaguar kits in 48th scale, some people often thought why not “upsize” them? Well their wish has been granted as Kittyhawk send us pictures of the CAD drawings of the first of the Jaguar family to come this year…

CAD Preview: Sepecat Jaguar
By Kitty Hawk Models
Product number# KH32018
Scale: 1:32nd scale

Kittyhawk Models have already given us the 48th scale Jaguar T.2/T.4 as well as the two single seat kits of the French Jaguar A and the RAF Jaguar Gr.1 / Gr.3. As we said – why not go bigger?

One can assume that Kittyhawk will want to continue with the three kits they have already researched - but in the larger scale of  1/32nd..
The possibilities for this kit are pretty wide, as it was used by not only the developer nations of Great Britain and France, but it was also exported to India, Oman, Ecuador and Nigeria. With various air forces, the Jaguar was used in numerous conflicts and military operations in Mauritania, Chad, Iraq, Bosnia, and Pakistan, as well as providing a ready nuclear delivery platform for Britain, France, and India throughout the latter half of the Cold War and beyond.
In the Gulf War, the Jaguar was praised for its reliability and was a valuable coalition resource. The aircraft served with the French Air Force as the main strike/attack aircraft until 1 July 2005, and with the Royal Air Force until the end of April 2007. It was replaced by the Panavia Tornado and the Eurofighter Typhoon in the RAF and the Dassault Rafale in the French Air Force.

 Here are a bunch of colours and scenarios that you might want to replicate with your Jaguar in 32nd...
We have some CADs of the new kits, showing the features of the kits as they are right now. Only the single seater as of this moment - more surely in other variants to come...
– this is the time to add or give any improvements you think might be warranted – Just contact Kittyhawk if you can add anything to the kit – I am sure at this stage that input would be. You can contact kittyhawk thru their website.

Check out Kitty Hawk Models at their website for more information